Congratulations to our five winners for the Sara Happ Red Velvet Gift Set giveaway!!! I wish I could give one away to everyone who entered, but the five names picked at random are:

Rachel L.
Mia Mia
Karina H.
Mackenzi H.
Rachel A.

Ladies, expect an email in your inbox today! Again, congratulations! And for anyone interested in picking up more Sara Happ products, be sure to visit or

And now… Here’s a little Valentine’s Day treat!



What’s the one thing you’ve GOT to have on Valentine’s Day?? That’s right… Soft lips ;)

I’ve been using Sara Happ’s products for a couple years now and I LOVE them! Between The Lip Scrub and The Lip Slip, my usually dry lips stay soft and hydrated.

The products are paraben free, cruelty free, and are formulated with natural oils and sugar, including jojoba, sweet almond oil,  and macadamia nut oil. (Food grade, in fact… So if you eat it, no biggie!) And these products were created by a gal who has serious issues with sensitive skin, so all the products are gentle yet effective. For best results, try the Sara Happ “Exfoliate + Hydrate” sequence: Follow The Lip Scrub with The Lip Slip for extra hydrated and soft lips! It’s amazing how lipstick and lip gloss looks so different on my lips after I’ve used The Lip Scrub and hydrated with The Lip Slip. In a word, it’s perfection!