One of the products I was so excited to try out from this year’s IMATS was the O.R.G Organic Mineral Peel. Now, when you see the words “peel” and “exfoliate,” you might think of harsh chemicals like glycolic acid or abrasive face scrubs with rough granules. But the O.R.G Organic Mineral Peel is anything but harsh or abrasive… It’s an all-natural enzyme exfoliant.

Before I explain how it worked out for my skin, let me explain how I used it: The mineral peel is a milky liquid that you spray onto your face (I sprayed in two spots on my forehead, two spots near my chin, one big spray on each of my cheeks, and one right down the center of my nose) and wait about five seconds. Then you have to rub the peel into your skin in circular motions until you start seeing little bits of dead skin and debris coming off of your skin. Once you’ve gently rubbed your face enough that the dead skin is no longer coming off, you can rinse your face. It’s all a very quick process and O.R.G recommends doing this 2-3 times a week.

Now… Let me tell you what this stuff did for my skin! For one thing, I could immediately see new, fresh skin after use. Considering how dry my skin normally is, I was so pleased with how plump and hydrated it looked. When I went to put my 100% pure argan oil on my face, I noticed the oil really absorbed into my skin. I’ve noticed at times when I apply the argan oil, it sort of just sits on the surface of my skin. (It’s a horrible feeling, actually. Imagine being SO thirsty and being just a few inches away from a tall glass of water.) And the best part? My makeup looks even more flawless now when I apply! This stuff just rids your face of any dead cells living on the surface to reveal your best skin ever. It’s basically like having a quick mini facial in your own bathroom!

I’ve been using the O.R.G Organic Mineral Peel for about two weeks now, and I couldn’t be happier with this product. You really can’t ask for more: It’s completely natural, (with extracts like licorice root, aloe, cucumber, grapefruit, jojoba, and Omega 3, which is incredibly good for skin!) it does a remarkable job of exfoliating, and it’s affordable! (For what it does, 39 bucks is an absolute steal.) And especially for those of you with sensitive skin, this is a must-try!

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