I’d been hearing so much about Sigma Beauty and I finally got the chance to try out their brushes! I got my hands on the Make Me Blush Essential Kit, which includes all the brushes below. Though I’ve heard great things about Sigma’s makeup, I’ve heard even better things about their brushes… And now I know why! For one thing, this is is a pretty comprehensive kit; it’s got 12 brushes, both for your face and eyes. My absolute favorite brush in this set is the Large Angled Contour: Until this brush, I’d never really been able to apply bronzer in exactly the way I like… This brush makes it so easy to contour! And there’s practically every eyeshadow and liner brush you’ll ever need in this kit.

IMG_9246 IMG_9248


And here’s what’s really impressive about this kit: It’s $120!! If you calculate the individual cost of each of these brushes from any other brand, you’re looking at hundreds of dollars, at least. Go to your nearest MAC and check out their brushes… One brush will cost you anywhere from $30 to over $50. Considering these Sigma brushes are high quality and you’re getting 12 brushes, it’s an absolute steal. I get a lot of questions about the brushes I use, and most of the time I use scattered brushes from different brands. But with the Make Me Blush Essential Kit you’re getting everything you need in one kit! (And it comes in a durable carrying case that you can easily use for travel.) Head over to Sigma Beauty to pick up yours and check out the other brush sets as well… You might find something else you like! And here’s another little treat: For the month of February, use code BASE2013 to get 10% off your purchase!

sigmabrushes2 IMG_9251