… Only I would get this excited over organizing! I recently got my hands on a few of the Z Palette makeup palettes: They’re empty palettes that come in different sizes and they’re magnetic, so you can arrange your powders, blushes, eyeshadows, and other makeup in any way you want. When I first got these palettes, I went right to work popping all of my shadows, blushes, and bronzers out of their original packaging and sticking them in these convenient organizers. I personally don’t like having a bunch of different products floating around in my makeup collection; consolidating into a few palettes is a dream come true! The best part? You can arrange and rearrange as you please. Since you’re sticking the makeup onto the palettes with a magnet, moving them around is a breeze.

Here’s what I’ve done so far, I’m consolidating my bronzers and favorite blush colors into this large leopard palette:

IMG_9440 IMG_9441

Many cream and pressed powder products come in tins that’ll stick to a magnet… Got some makeup that won’t stick to a magnet? No problem. Each Z Palette makeup palette comes with metal stickers that are super thin and stick right to the bottom of your makeup to make it instantly magnetized.


This MAC blush didn’t have a metal base, so I took one of the Z Palette metal stickers and it was ready to stick!

IMG_9445 IMG_9449

Here’s what else you can do with Z Palette: Take their empty metal pans and fill them with your favorite lipsticks, concealers, or other cream products.


My favorite palettes are the Black – Large Palette and the Pro Leopard Palette. I think I’ll put some of my favorite lip products in the small hot pink palette… And I can even toss it in my purse when I go out. Perfect! Check out zpalette.com to see all the available (and affordable!) palettes, and have fun organizing!