If there was an award for most well-rounded eyeshadow palette, it would undoubtedly go to the LORAC Pro Palette. This 16-shade palette has quickly become my go-to; whether it’s a natural, everyday look or a sultry smoky eye I’m going for, I can create practically any look with the Pro Palette.

It’s got the perfect balance of light and dark colors as well as matte and shimmery shades. And the matte shades are unlike anything I’ve ever used: They’re so, incredibly soft and velvety!! They’ve got a very powdery texture that allows for maximum blending.

Here’s another bonus with this palette: It’s got enough neutral shades that you can use it to fill in your brows, too. It also comes with a mini eye primer, which I highly recommend using because the colors will go on more true and, of course, the shadow won’t budge.

Here’s something I personally love about this palette: It’s incredibly thin and compact. A lot of palettes tend to be heavy and bulky, but this one’s even thinner than an iPhone 5 with a magnetized closure. I just love everything about this palette!

Check out my swatches below; they’re in the same order as the palette in the photo above.


Note: My arm might look oddly textured and leathery in the photo— it’s from a burn accident from when I was a kid. So it’s not the shadows, it’s my skin!