I’ve shared photos of my makeup table and how I organize it, but something occurred to me today: Many times when I’m getting ready in a hurry, I end up grabbing all the products I need to use and leaving them out just strewn about the table. Sometimes there’s just no time to tidy up before it’s time to leave!

But considering how many times I’ve left this area in that less-than-acceptable condition, I’ve noticed that my makeup table is somehow always organized and neat. So tonight when I went to clean up the mess I’d made earlier in the day, I realized why that was. Take a look at the “unacceptable” photos; I cleaned up and put everything away in just 3 minutes. That includes wiping down the glass on the table! It’s because I’ve got a specific place for every last thing; I’ve got compartments set up on, in, and below my makeup table that makes cleanup a breeze because I know exactly where each piece belongs so it all goes away in a flash.




It’s all strategically placed: The products I use most frequently are on the table, (most of these items are skincare and brushes) the stuff I use a reasonable amount is in the drawer, and the items I use less frequently are in the drawer units under my makeup table from the Easy Organizing post I did a while back.

For the sake of keeping track of all your makeup and making sure you maintain a neat makeup station, try creating a strategically organized space. It’ll save you more time when you’re actually doing your makeup because you won’t have to spend extra time looking for what you need, and the cleanup, of course, ends up being quick and easy!

As far as organizing units go, I got many of my compartment pieces from The Container Store, and the makeup table and the drawers are from Ikea!