IMG_9472I love having the opportunity to share a vegan product line that’s high quality, affordable, and super cute! I got to try KANDALS vegan footwear recently, and I’m hooked on these extra-comfortable and cruelty-free shoes. They’re comparable to Toms, but they’ve got a couple extra (and very cool) features: For one thing, KANDALS are scented with a strawberry fragrance. It’s dyed right in with the rubber so you get a long-lasting strawberry scent to combat that ‘worn’ smell you often get with shoes you wear often. KANDALS are also made using sustainable materials, made from just organic cotton and natural rubber.

And as part of their eco-friendly mission, KANDALS works with Trees for the Future to plant a tree with every purchase in deforested areas of Africa. So far, I’m loving what KANDALS stands for! But the true test, of course, is in the comfort and appearance…


I can’t say enough about the cushiony comfort these shoes bring to my feet! It’s a firm cushion that gives me just enough support to keep my back from aching. (I normally can’t wear flats without getting a severe lower back ache after about an hour.) And for how lightweight they feel, they are still very sturdy. I’m obsessed with my Envir Women’s Vegan Classics in Red! Such a cute accent to any casual outfit.



There’s also the Eco Women’s Vegan Classic, which is a slightly different design. I love these in Beige!!