Foundation is the toughest thing to pick out! Especially for women like me who have olive/yellow/ashy undertones, it’s rare to find foundation shades that match. I’ve been partial to the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 123 for about 3 years now: It’s perfect for medium olive complexions. But a girl’s gotta have some different options!!

A few months ago I watched a video on ItsMyRayeRaye‘s channel on YouTube about making foundation more yellow. All she did was add yellow food coloring to her foundation to make it match her yellow undertones! It’s such a simple and inexpensive solution, and you can customize practically any liquid foundation.


I took it a step further and experimented with not only yellow food coloring, but I added green, too! I always joke around that “I’m so olive, I’m green,” and there’s some truth to that. My skin has just the slightest ashy green tint to it, which makes it extremely difficult to find the right foundation. There’s no shortage of foundations with pink undertones out there, but the olive shades are few and far between.

So here’s what I did: I took a drugstore foundation (you know I wasn’t about to use my Armani foundation to experiment with!) and first swatched it onto my hand so I’d be able to see a before and after. I added two drops of yellow food coloring and one drop of green. The foundation I used had neutral undertones, so I added a touch more yellow to warm it up. Since I wasn’t sure how the green would turn out, I decided to try it just one drop at a time. I shook up the bottle really well and swatched the new concoction right next to the original swatch… I was amazed!! The color looked SO much closer to my skin color. I decided to add just one more drop of green, shook it up, and swatched again. This time the color was almost exactly a perfect match for my complexion.

This is an especially useful DIY when it comes to drugstore foundations: Most often you get a smaller selection of colors with drugstore foundation, and most of them tend to have cool undertones. This way you can score the perfect shade of foundation without having to break the bank!

I’m just stunned at how a household item has solved one of my biggest beauty problems. Give this DIY trick a try at home, but be sure you don’t have any allergies to food coloring before you give it a go. And always experiment with one or maybe two drops at a time and shake the bottle each time to see how the color has turned out. Hope this works for you!