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Eyeko has had a lot of exciting news lately. One, of course, being that the effortlessly-chic Alexa Chung has joined Eyeko as a creative influence. (In her words: “… I am now working with eyeball decorators extraordinaire, Eyeko.”) To mark the occasion, Eyeko has a limited edition Alexa Set launching in November.  A wait list is available at where you can sign up to receive news on when this limited edition set is available!

Another very exciting launch from Eyeko is the Liquid Metal eyeliners in Black Onyx and Rose Gold. Ummm… Wow. I had a chance to try these brand new liquid eyeliners (now available at; stay tuned for news on other retailers) and I’m completely hooked. For one thing, the Black Onyx liner just glides right on, producing the most opaque black line I’ve ever seen! It dries to a completely waterproof finish, but there’s something very different about this liner that makes it my current favorite: The line doesn’t get dry and matte. A lot of times when liquid liners dry the color tends to go from black to a dark gray. This liner stay black as ever, and while it was waterproof and smudge proof, the minute I wiped my eyes with a makeup remover wipe it came right off. I’m so impressed with this liner!!


And now for the Rose Gold liner. Mark my words: This will be the product of the season! This Liquid Metal liner is so versatile because you can draw your usual line across your lash line, you can cover your eyelids since it’s a very fluid formula and glides on easily, or you can just add a pop of highlight with the most beautiful gold color just to the inner corners of your eyes. The possibilities are endless! I’m in love with the finish, too. It’s not a glittery gold but a glowing gold… It quite literally looks like liquid gold would. Score your Rose Gold liner and say hello to gilded lids this fall and winter!


  1. Jen S.
    August 28, 2013 at 7:27 am (1 year ago)

    I would love to see a tutorial about what you are going to do with the rose gold liner. :)


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