The colder months are right around the corner, which means drier skin is on its way. That means dry lips, too! A big trend this fall is matte lipstick, so the last thing you want is to have chapped, flaky lips.

Sara Happ has always been my favorite in lip care, and I have three new yummy lip scrub flavors to share! There’s the Sparkling Pink Grapefruit, Lemonade, and Lavender. These three summertime flavors (limited edition, by the way) are my last (and most delicious) link to the hot, carefree summer as we transition into the fast-paced fall. For lavender fans, the lavender lip scrub packs an aromatic essential oil that instantly brings calm and relaxation. Especially since it sits right below your nose, leave the scrub on for a few minutes while it hydrates your lips and breath in that relaxing aroma!

The lemonade lip scrub, I have to say, is my favorite. It’s so delicious that I actually dipped my finger in the jar and started eating bits of it straight up, not even off my lips. Probably wouldn’t recommend doing that, but it’s just that yummy.


Another great option in lip care for the season is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. I’d tried (and loved) the original Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment quite a while ago, but I was just sent two more colors to try: Petal and Coral. I’m completely in love with the Petal color!! The stick is a deep but muted berry shade, but when it goes on it gives my lips the softest sheer rose tint. It’s the kind of color we all wish our lips were naturally! In the photo I’ve got no makeup on (makeup-free Monday!) and just the lip treatment in Petal. Simply obsessed! And check out the the close up of the Coral tint if you’re into a slightly more bright and bold look.



I also got my hands on the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, which is a must-have for those of you suffering from extremely dry, chapped lips. It’s the ultimate in dry lip therapy, and what I find extra cool about this stuff is that it’s packed with hyaluronic spheres; if you’re not familiar with hyaluronic acid (or hyaluronan) it’s a naturally occurring component in our skin that draws in moisture and keeps skin looking plump. So soften your lips and plump ‘em up just a little with this lip treatment!