For New York Fashion Week, I’ve teamed up with the beauties at BeautyHigh.com to do a little content swap! We’re taking a look at the beauty trends backstage at NYFW and bringing you the specs on what’s hot on the runway, as well as recreating the looks. Be sure to head over to BeautyHigh.com to see my version of these runway beauty looks! First from Beauty High: Rachel Adler’s got the lowdown on the bright lips at the Prabal Gurung runway show… Enjoy!


Get a Pop of Color on your Lips from Prabal Gurung’s Spring NYFW Show
posted by Rachel Adler

Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2014 show brought a makeup look that was fittingly spring-like. From matte lips in bold hues to brightly polished nails (also matte), we momentarily forgot about our fall beauty shopping list and started to plot out our spring lip shades. Since most of us tend to find a few shades we love and stick with them, we had to report on this immediately – but of course keep in mind that they are runway colors (envy-inducing runway colors) but certainly meant to inspire.

For Prabal’s show this year, the look was really inspired by a confident and empowering woman, like Marilyn Monroe, but someone who isn’t overly feminine or commercial. Charlotte Tilbury for MAC Cosmetics told us that Prabal “wanted the girls to have this untouchable feeling of elegance, and this feeling of beauty and precision.” The clothes had “flouro pastels” throughout the collection, so she chose three lip colors that would complement the clothes: a “Pepto Bismol” pink, an orange, and a lilac shade. The colors were applied to the girls according to their outfit – if they were in the section wearing predominately pink, they had the pink lip, and so on.

To apply the pink lip, Tilbury used a Pinkie Lip Pencil to first trace the lip (and overdraw it for that classic ’50s shape) and then finished with a custom made Lipmix (a bit of white and crimson combined). For the orange lip, she used What a Blast with Orange Lipmix, and for the lilac lip, Tilbury used Just Wonderful Lip Pencil with a custom Lipmix of white, crimson and Burgundy. Tilbury advises letting the lip product dry all the way (so that it’s super matte).

As for the nail look at the show, Prabal collaborated (yet again!) with Sally Hansen on a seventh collection, to launch in March 2014. The three pastel shades debuted on the runway (along with Sally Hansen’s first matte top coat ever) and are named as follows: Lady Lavendar, A Wink of Pink and Mint Condition. The nails were painted with a base color according to their outfits and then given a matte top coat up to the tip, leaving the “French” part of the nail shiny.

photos by Rachel Adler

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