has been one of my favorite lifestyle sites for a couple of years now… And now they’re featuring me! I was so thrilled to participate in their blogger makeunder challenge: They asked 10 beauty bloggers (including me) to go a day without makeup and show our before and after photos. This challenge was all about embracing natural beauty, and I was so happy to see such beautiful and talented bloggers in the slideshow! Have a look here and read what each of us needs to do to feel beautiful.

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of going makeup-free. Not only because of my daily time constraints (who has time to put on a full face every day?!) but because I truly enjoy stepping out in my bare skin. (Well, almost bare: Gotta have that sunblock!) When you work really hard to maintain healthy skin, it’s easy to feel comfortable in it! Especially after struggling with acne for so many years in my teens and young adult years (and I still do, occasionally) it’s nice to be able to bare it all!

I hope you enjoy this feature!!