By now you know that exfoliating is a must when it comes to maintaining good, healthy skin. And exfoliation doesn’t always mean using a scrub or a tool; I think the misconception with exfoliating is that it’s a rough process on the skin. But the fact is that we need to be ridding our skin of dead cells in order to let the healthy skin shine through! Done on a regular basis, exfoliation is the best way to keep your skin in tip top shape.

Recently I had a chance to visit with Ole Henriksen at his LA spa (interview and giveaway coming soon!! Stay tuned.) and he was nice enough to gift me some products because he knows I love his line! One product I am trying for the first time is the Lemon Strip Flash Peel. This potent peel packs a combination of glycolic, lactic, and fruit acids along with other ingredients like algae. It’s a clear gel formula that comes with a brush for application. Because of the acids in this peel, be prepared for a tingling sensation which only takes a little bit of adjusting the very first time you use it. After the first time it feels just fine. Once the cool gel goes on, just let it sit and work its magic for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now, and every single time my skin looks better than the last time I used it. If you’re dealing with unevenness, clogged pores, fine lines, or just a dull complexion, I strongly recommend the Lemon Strip Flash Peel! You can use it once or twice a week depending on what your skin issues are… Personally, I have to stop myself from using it every day! Especially for someone like me with really dry skin, it’s important to lift away that outer layer of dead skin. When your skin is dry and cluttered with dead skin, no amount of product that you apply to your face will sink in and work the way it’s supposed to. So using a peel like the Lemon Strip Flash Peel is ideal for keeping your skin not only in good shape, but ready to receive all the nourishment you pump into it with your favorite products!

And for those of you worried about the effects of coarse scrubs on your skin, this is not only more powerful than any scrub, but it’s actually going to be much more gentle on your skin. You don’t have to work overtime scrubbing your face; instead this peel does all the work for you, revealing glowing skin!! It’s definitely a a favorite in my skincare arsenal.