A good blow dryer is an essential tool when it comes to styling. It can determine your style and the overall health of your hair… Two very important things! My previous hair routine involved blow drying straight then curling all over with a 1.5 inch curling iron; these days I’m into a smooth, sleek blowout. But my new ‘do requires just the right tools to get it to look as smooth and polished as possible, especially considering my hair’s natural state is frizzy, coarse, and curly! Enter the ghd Air Professional Performance Hair Dryer: I’ve always been a big fan of the ghd styling tools (I have their 1 inch and 2 inch gold series flat irons and I adore them) so when I was sent the ghd Air to try I knew it was going to be a winner.

There are just so many things I love about this hair dryer. For one thing, when you open the box you’ll see two nozzle attachments, one smaller and one larger. (Though both have the super slim concentrated shape for that professional finish. This nozzle design, in my opinion, is essential for the perfect blowout.) And I know it has nothing to do with its performance, but the look of this dryer is so chic! When I picked it up I noticed one very important thing: It’s much lighter than I expected. Especially for a dryer that’s professional grade and so powerful, I’m very impressed with the weight of it; I have a lot of hair and it’s difficult to dry so I appreciate that!

On to the performance: Of course I used the hottest and highest settings on the dryer, which uses a top-of-the-line ionic technology to ease up on the damage and dry hair much more quickly. I sectioned off my hair and began drying with a round brush,  and immediately noticed the power of the motor. This paired with the ionic technology is what got me the most sleek and smooth blowout which left me with the perfect style. And here’s why this is so important, especially for someone like me who has difficult hair to deal with: Before I used to take a paddle brush and quickly dry my hair straight so I could move on to curling it for a nice finish. The paddle brush finish was awful; I ended up with straw-like ends but I just needed my hair to be straight and dry quick!! Of course I’d love to have that perfect round brush finish every time, but that takes about a solid 45-50 minutes to achieve. With the ghd Air, I got the perfect shape and zero frizz in exactly 27 minutes. (I timed it!)

And it was just easier. I noticed that I put less effort into it because my hair got smoother faster, so I progressively did less work. If you’ve got coarse, thick, or curly hair, or if your goal is to achieve a smooth, shiny finish, this is the blow dryer for you.