By now you know that Murad is one of my favorite skincare lines: Looking through my skincare arsenal you’ll definitely find a few Murad goodies that I can’t go a day without using!

One product that I use every day is the Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30; it’s got all you need for the perfect daytime cream. So I figured if the Essential-C day moisturizer was such a stellar product, the rest of the Environmental Shield line must be just as incredible! I got a chance to try the Essential-C Cleanser, Essential-C Toner, Advanced Active Radiance Serum, and, my favorite, the Intensive-C Radiance Peel.

I’m extremely picky about cleansers, but the Essential-C Cleanser has yet to disappoint me. It’s a gel/liquid formula that foams up, giving me a deep clean, but it never leaves my skin that squeaky, dry clean. My skin still feels hydrated and even refreshed… That’s why I love anything with Vitamin C in it: It wakes up your skin and gives it a healthy glow! And for each of these products, one very important component is the free radical fighters. It’s a key element to anti-aging and it comes in each of the Environmental Shield products.

The Essential-C Toner a favorite of mine because of the formula and the packaging. Most toners you have to apply with a cotton pad, but this toner comes in a spray bottle that you just spritz over a clean face and allow it to absorb. Talk about restoring health back to your skin! Immediately after it absorbs you can see your skin is hydrated and supple. I simply cannot say enough about this toner! If you’re on the market for a toner, give this one a shot. And it’s not like other toners where it uses alcohol to do its job— instead of stripping your skin, the Essential-C Toner is all about pumping life back into your skin.

Next up is the Advanced Active Radiance Serum. Now when you’re using an entire system, it’s hard to tell what kind of results you’re getting specifically from the serum. But do me a favor and go read the “What it is formulated to do” paragraph on This stuff is about as advanced as skincare gets. It describes the Vitamin C component as highly stable, with “50 times the potency of prior generations,” and this is important because most people aren’t aware of how Vitamin C works in skincare. When a product says it contains Vitamin C, it can be deceiving because Vitamin C is simply not stable in skincare: Oxygen causes it to lose its potency, so the minute you put a couple of pumps in your hands its already lost its efficiency, and you need a very high concentration of Vitamin C in order for it to be effective. So many of the Vitamin C skincare products out there simply aren’t doing what they’re supposed to. The Advanced Active Radiance Serum, however, is one of the most complete and powerful Vitamin C products on the market.

And finally, the Intensive-C Radiance Peel!! You know I’m a fan of peels, period, and I’m adding this to my list of favorites. If your skin is more on the sensitive side, or if you’re not used to peels, this is the perfect option. It’s a no fuss product, too: Just apply after you cleanse, leave it on for 10 minutes, and rinse. Do this twice a week and say hello to gorgeous, glowing skin!


  1. Amber
    February 21, 2014 at 1:50 pm (10 months ago)

    Speaking of skincare, I have a question about Milia. What product would you reccomend for treating mild Milia at home? I have it for years, and recently it has really started to bother me. Thanks so much

  2. Harriet
    February 24, 2014 at 4:01 am (10 months ago)

    Hello! I was wondering if you could check out my wordpress? I got one today after being inspired by your videos! I did a post today on my recreation of your smokey eye tutorial you put on youtube! I would love if you could check it out!

    Thank you :)

  3. Steph
    February 26, 2014 at 8:26 am (10 months ago)

    I really want to give Murad products a try, especially the Essential C Day Moisturizer SPF 30 because I’m looking for a staple to use everyday to protect my skin from sun damage. Also, I trust your judgment and have tried many of the products you’ve recommended, including the Ole Henricksen line (which I LOVE). However, I do think $60 is a tad on the pricey side. How long does this moisturizer typically last you?

    • Teni Panosian
      February 26, 2014 at 11:33 pm (10 months ago)

      I totally feel you on that… $60 is definitely on the higher side for an everyday moisturizer. (Though it’s in my top 3 as far as daytime moisturizers go!) I find it lasts me about 6-7 weeks, and I’m fairly conservative about how much I use each time.

  4. Dawnie
    February 27, 2014 at 7:41 am (10 months ago)

    Thank you so much for all u do Teni! You’re absolutely gorgeous and I love all of your YouTube videos. (I’ve tried more than a handful of your “looks”). I’ve tried Murad products in the past and I eventually drifted away when something else sounded better. I’ve moved on to mostly Lierac products but after reading this article of your experience with those Murad items, I will definitely give the Murad line (specifically the items you listed) another try. Hugs and thank you for all of the critical beauty and makeup videos/articles you have/will post!

  5. janlex
    March 1, 2014 at 3:46 pm (10 months ago)

    I have tried so many skin products from mary kay to lancome to neutrogena to clean and clear and my face is either so dry or just breaks out with pimples to a point I give up. I notice these products you are talking about are very expensive but you are saying its completely do the trick. But for how long you been using these products?

  6. Sue
    March 10, 2014 at 6:26 pm (9 months ago)

    Hi teni! I just bought the radiance serum! Do you use it only at night? Or morning and night? Xx

  7. shameem
    April 23, 2014 at 10:06 pm (8 months ago)

    the peel – i actually leave it on overnight, and don’t notice any redness or irritation. feels great the next day.

    August 19, 2014 at 12:07 pm (4 months ago)

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    fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
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