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I couldn’t think of a better treat than to sit down for a one-on-one with the creator of some of my favorite skincare products! I had the pleasure of meeting with the incredible Ole Henriksen at his LA spa to chat about skincare and all things beautiful. His energy is so uplifting and positive, I could have sat there all day! Especially since he had such nice things to say about me: He gave me some of the most sincere compliments, and for that I’m just so flattered and grateful. And on top of the wonderful conversation we had, he graciously treated me to a face and body treatment at his spa, and I can honestly say I’ve never had a more relaxing treatment in my life. (You must check out the Hydrafacials and the Head to Toe Ritual!) It was an altogether perfect morning.

We sat down in the relaxation room and Ole was kind enough to pour me a cup of African Red Tea. (Which I ended up having five cups of by the time I left! If you’re familiar with his product line, you know he’s got an amazing African Red Tea line, and the actual tea itself is divine.) From there we began chatting about his story, our favorite products, and so much more.

TP: You know I’ve spoken about your products in a skincare video where I share some of my favorite products. And I got some comments on the pronunciation of your name! So could you give us the proper pronunciation, please?

OH: My name is a very popular Danish name and mom and dad gave it to me because it’s simple. So it’s [OO-Leh] Henriksen… And you say it beautifully! Absolutely beautifully.

For me it was only natural that when I began developing products I wanted them to carry my name, because as a skincare expert— and I have treated skin for many decades hands on— I felt it would give the clients and customers a confidence. Those are my little babies!

TP: I love it, thank you! Speaking of products and how many years of experience you have, I would love to know what your motivation was for going into skincare.

OH: For me, it was really my own skin problems and the fact that I developed cystic acne as a young man. I was a professional show dancer in Asia— I also did some modeling over there— and out of the blue my skin began blossoming, as I said, with cystic eruptions on my face, along the lymph nodes, onto my back and shoulder region. And so often in life I think when you have adversity, you look for solutions. So my aesthetician in Jakarta whom I met through friends said “I can help you!” Her treatments were magical; she used herbs that were native to Indonesia, loaded with botanicals, and I saw for the first time the transformational powers of skin when treated correctly. Then I thought, ‘Wow, I can’t go on and kick my legs high forever,’ so I met another lady that was vacationing in Jakarta at the same time, and she said “I can get you into the best school in London.” I decided I was going to follow her lead and less than a year later I settled in London and it’s the best thing I ever did.

TP: We’re all glad you did it! Now, one of the comments I get most frequently comes from frustrated viewers saying they’ve done everything they can but they still struggle with acne. And they ask me what to do— I wish I could help them all! What kind of advice can you offer for people in this situation?

OH: I really relate to everything you’re saying, and the fact that you help these women feel better and more confident is very important, you’re a great example of how you can achieve great improvements with your skin.

TP: I know how frustrating it can be, I went through it myself. I tell them, “Just be patient!!”

OH: You said it! Patience is key. Always walk tall and proud and absolutely don’t let these things get to you. But know that you can improve on your skin. So the rule of thumb is that you don’t ever want to over-treat; less is more. When skin is eruption prone, it’s all about the calming, the soothing, and getting the inflammation to go down. So if in your eagerness to achieve improvement you do 15 different things, chances are you are irritating your skin and making matters worse. So it’s important to set goals and taking inventory in broad daylight in your mirror and say, “Okay, this is where I am today,” write down the date, and let’s look at it next week when you’ve changed your routine. Obviously healthy skin starts with clean skin, so the cleansing process should be gentle, it should be a cleanser that thoroughly and gently deep cleans the skin. And disinfect using a skin tonic that’s a purifying antiseptic. But daytime it is about light hydration and environmental protection. Truth Serum is extraordinary, and you love it! And then you do a thin layer with a light moisturizer and sun protection. Just enough to where you feel your skin has hydration without feeling greasy. But hydration is important even for eruption prone skin because it keeps the suppleness!


TP: What about scrubs? Personally I’m a fan of scrubs and I’m always asked about scrubs. What are your thoughts?

OH: The one thing you don’t want to do is use a physical scrub when acne is active, because the skin is red and inflamed; it’s all about calming and soothing. That’s where something like the Lemon Strip Flash Peel is non-aggressive. When skin is balanced and there’s no more blemishes, then you can use a physical exfoliant.

[check out my review of the Lemon Strip Flash Peel]

TP: I’m so glad you brought up not drying out your skin completely because I feel like that’s the most common misconception that you have to really dry out your skin when you have blemishes. But I feel like that only produces more of the oil!

OH: Exactly! You’re taking away something that is natural for the body. Those fats are so key for a healthy body. The suppleness of your skin depends on it. So you’re right.

TP: When you advise your clients, how much of your recommendations have to do with dietary changes?

OH: Oh you are so darn good! I always want my clients to tell me about their lifestyle. How do they eat? How is their health? How does their metabolism function? Do they get an upset stomach easily? Do they get constipated? Do they exercise? How do they feel about themselves? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? And then I just listen, listen, listen… And then very carefully I open up the door if I discover that there are dietary improvements that can be made. I don’t ever come from a place of being ‘preachy,’ but I just say, ‘You know what I think would be really great for you is if you give yourself, lets say, a one month goal and make certain changes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And as a part of the process may I recommend a book that you go out and buy that will give you additional knowledge.’ Because you’re going to find that your energy level is going to be greater, and your skin is going to look better… It’s an inside-out job.

TP: I couldn’t agree more! So I would love to know your perspective on makeup…

OH: I think makeup is incredible. I think it’s a great way for a woman to express herself. I’m an ex-makeup artist, I did studio makeup, I studied theatrical makeup. It indeed allows women to have fun and be creative, and I think makeup should enhance your beauty; it shouldn’t overwhelm a face. Lip color, blush, and eyes… Have fun with it! And don’t fear it will make your skin less healthy; makeup is too sophisticated these days.

I just like all things beautiful! Just express yourself, and it’s a fun and inexpensive way to do so.

TP: Thank you so much for your time! And my last question is: Do you have a favorite product within your line?

OH: I love the question! As far as products, it’s so funny because if you saw my cabinet at home, when I open it up to do my routine, I look at all of them and I love using them. And of course in the developing process I’m very involved. At the same time, if I were stranded on a desert island and there was only that one product that I could take along, I would say— I used to say the Truth Serum Collagen Booster and I love that product— but I must say the Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil with the rose hip seed has become my favorite. And the reason is that close to 2 years ago I was closing the trunk of my car and slashed my head open at the dermis layer. The cut was deep and the blood was gushing down my face. I looked in the mirror and I said, ‘This is not good.’ So I call up the doctor and I run to his office; he said “Ole, you are in deep trouble. We’ve got to do sutures.” I told him I don’t want to have a scar and asked if we could just tape it tightly. And he said okay. A week later, he was very impressed by the healing. And I said, ‘Let me do my little trick, let me use my rose hip seed oil,’ and that’s before I released it on the market. I healed without any scar. No scar. I became so addicted. So that’s my favorite!


Stay tuned for a YouTube video where I’ll be doing an Ole Henriksen product haul! I’ll explain what I use each product for and when, as well as share some of my new favorites in addition to my old favorites!! This is going to be an extra special haul video because I will also be doing a giveaway with $250 worth of Ole Henriksen products! 


And be sure to check out Ole’s brand new Ole La La Glow From Head To Toe Blockbuster Set. This is how I was introduced to Ole Henriksen: I purchased a set including several of his products, so it’s a great way to become familiar with the product line! And it’s the holidays, so this’ll make a great gift.


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    I just wantet to share my experiece with it with you, as I bought the Thruth serum the and the starter Kid on ur recommondation and never regreted it. the invigorating night gel is handy down the BEST exfoliator I ever used- and I have tryed alot!!! So Thank you <3

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