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We talk so much about makeup— what the best products are, the best lipsticks, the best eyeshadow palettes— but how often do we talk about the tools that actually get that makeup onto our pretty mugs?! I recall several occasions where I’ve peeked at my non-makeup artist-or-beauty-blogger friends’ makeup bags and found just a couple […]


*** THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE POST TO SEE! Summer’s almost over and we’re slowly transitioning into autumn. (Though in southern California it still feels like we’re right in the thick of summertime!) With September upon us, it’s just a matter of time before the holidays sneak up on […]


Shopping for makeup has to be one of the most fun experiences! It’s the retail therapy that makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. So when Kohl’s sent me a gift card to go shopping through their beauty section, I threw on my shoes, grabbed my car keys, and headed out to […]


Summer is a time to step out of the usual neutral makeup zone and into bright, lively colors. Coincidentally, summer also happens to be a time when events come by the dozen! Pool parties, BBQ’s, and for-no-reason celebrations… The summer months are packed with fun. So why not rock a vibrant summer makeup look to […]


Matte lip colors are the hottest makeup item right now… Everyone is making them. But you can leave it to Urban Decay to do it right. They’re about to release 9 shades of their Matte Revolution Lipsticks on July 12, and if you’re already a fan of their Revolution Lipstick, this is something you’re going […]


A little while ago I had the opportunity to work with Alcon to promote the AIR OPTIX COLORS contact lenses, but this wasn’t any ordinary project: I got to work with Scott Barnes, Illaria Urbinati, and Lacy Redway, all of whom are celeb go-to’s when it comes to makeup, style, and hair! The AIR OPTIX COLORS […]


Like many other beauty junkies, I’ve recently discovered ColourPop as an emerging beauty brand that’s making all the right moves. Incredible colors, fantastic formulas, no animal testing… They’re as close to perfect as a beauty brand could get, in my book! I jumped on the ColourPop bandwagon just in time, too, because they’re about to […]


It’s always a treat when you’re a fan of a beauty brand and you get to meet the founder, who turns out to be a complete sweetheart! I recently had the pleasure of attending an intimate dinner at the home of Christina Zilber, founder of Jouer cosmetics. I’m already a fan of Jouer, but it’s nice […]


Makeup and hair is always fun to talk about, but as we all know there are so many other things in life that make us happy, healthy humans. We go about our lives possibly not affected by certain things simply because they don’t exist in our lives, but I see it as my duty to […]


There’s nothing I love more than fresh flowers around the house. It’s such a pleasant sight and it brings life to any space! When I have the time, I typically get a fresh set of flowers every two weeks or so either for my desk or the coffee table where the light streams in from […]


One of the most popular makeup items in the last few years has been the coveted neutral eyeshadow palette. And why? Because you can create so many different looks with just one palette, from soft and natural to dark and dramatic. Of the most popular palettes out there, though, there hasn’t really been a good […]


You know I’m all about nudes, so a new set of affordable nude eyeshadow palettes makes me very happy! I get inquiries all the time about featuring more affordable makeup options, so I’ve got two new palettes to share that won’t break the bank: The L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Palette 1 and 2.