The glowis something were all after when it comes to our skin. Those of us who are more fair with cool undertones go for that hint of pearly goodness, and us deeper skinned gals usually aim for that golden glow. But no matter what your complexion, we all want that lit-from-within look!

A glowing appearance comes in two forms: The first is from leading a healthy, active lifestyle and really taking care of your body, and the second is with a set of killer products! Personally, Ive made some lifestyle changes recently, including making nutrition a priority. One big change Ive also made is hitting the gym again; I got myself a trainer and Im back at it! In just two weeks, Im already noticing such a change in how I feel and how I look. I havent worked out in a few years, and in such a short time Im already feeling so much stronger and seeing that lively glow come back to my skin. Im feeling re-energized and my skin is reflecting the positive change!

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Ahhh, it’s springtime. In LA the weather is warming up and I’m starting to notice people everywhere are spending more time outside! As we get closer to sunset I’m seeing my neighbors are out taking a stroll, walking their dogs, and I can smell that some are already firing up the barbecue. This is the life.

This is the time of year when being outdoors becomes the norm once again, which makes me exceptionally happy! I personally love taking my beach cruiser out for a ride, and just today I learned how to successfully ride on a longboard. (Not the one in the ocean— the skateboard!) This being my choice in lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that my personal style is quite simple and focused on comfort. More and more during the warmer months you’ll see me putting my sexy heels away and opting for more functional footwear, swapping my chic designer sunglasses for my classic wayfarers.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.04.14 PMAll UD: I’m wearing the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup in 5.0, Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in Medium, Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder in Medium, Ultra Definition Powder Foundation in Dark for my contour, and the Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss in Lovechild. (The gold freckles are from Mr. Kate.)

For me, the second most important element to my beauty routine (after stellar skincare, of course) is my base. My foundation, concealer, powder, highlight… All the things that create the flawless face. Not surprisingly, I’ve searched high and low in search of the best of the best! In the last few months I’ve been on a new routine that leaves my skin feeling exactly how it should: Naked.


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Just uploaded to my channel is a 20’s inspired makeup look! I don’t typically do themed makeup, mostly because I’m afraid it’ll turn out too costume-y. But in this case it was fun challenging myself to create a wearable look incorporating a soft smokey eye and a deep red lip.

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Contouring has become one of the biggest trends in beauty, taking sculpting and refining our facial features to a whole new advanced level! Thanks to Sephora, there are now tons of contouring products all in one place for us to choose from and, what’s more, they’ve got an entire contouring guide to help those of us who haven’t quite jumped on the contour wagon yet!

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