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Thanks to Lens Crafters Glendale for treating me to an eye exam to fit me for these contacts!!

Color contacts have been around for a long time; as a teen who needed corrective contact lenses, I used to play around with different colors all the time! But times and technology have changed, of course, and color contacts have come a long way.

I recently got in touch with Alcon and they told me about their brand new technology in color contact lenses called AIR OPTIX® COLORS. I had a chance to attend an event here in Los Angeles at the Chateau Marmont where they were showcasing all the colors. (Obviously, I had loads of fun trying on the different colors!) The entire team seemed really proud of this innovation in color contacts, and once I heard more about the new technology and actually tried out the lenses for myself, I was very impressed.



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Not exactly, ha! These days the word ‘naked’ has become synonymous with Urban Decay because of their cult-favorite Naked products, and now there’s a new one to covet.

I took a trip to New Orleans with Urban Decay and three other influencers in beauty and fashion to celebrate the upcoming launch of the Naked On The Run palette. The palette is just as the name says: All the Naked basics you need for when you’re traveling, on the go, or need your all-in-one makeup kit for a night out. Since Urban Decay is all about beauty with a little bit of edge, New Orleans was the perfect place to tie in with the launch for its eclectic character. It was my first time there and I can honestly say it’s unlike any other city in the US I’ve been!



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It’s always so exciting to see gorgeous, eye-catching makeup looks both in person and in photos. But what’s more exciting is being able to achieve any look you love with the simple tap of a screen, which is why I’m loving Steal The Look! It’s an easy-to-use (and free) app created by wet n wild to help beauty addicts track down ‘dupes’ for all the looks we love. In this post I’ll show you how to steal one of my looks!




Lately I’ve been on a mission to get my hair back to optimal health. I’ve always liked my hair lighter, it just brightens up my face and makes me look more friendly. But the fact is that I was born with extra dark, almost-black hair; and coupled with the fact that my hair is dry, coarse, and frizzy, it makes lightening practically a death sentence for my mane! So I decided to just embrace my dark locks and get on the road to recovery. I thought the journey getting my hair from brittle and broken to healthy and manageable would be a long and tough one, but I was pleasantly surprised.


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