And the giveaways continue! Thanks to Luxy Hair, one lucky Miss Maven fan will win her very own set of Luxy Hair clip-in extensions. Check out the video where I’ll show you how to use the extensions as well as style them to achieve super bombshell hair.

At the end of the video, you’ll find out how to enter the giveaway… It’s simple!

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • JackieK says:


  • Jen S says:

    Do you sleep with these in? How long do they last? Can they be washed?

    • No, it would be a little uncomfortable and probably damaging to the extensions if you slept with them. They can most definitely be washed and the Luxy Hair website explains how to care for them!

  • Banyan says:

    WOW they look really good you should get some permanent ones it really hides the breakage at your ends and you look gorg

  • Doris says:

    Hi Teni,
    my hair is thin and for a couple of years it’s been thinning too. These extensions will make a world difference on my hair appearance. I hope I win. By the way, you’re beautiful with or without them. xoxo

  • muji says:

    wow your own hair got so long too! both your skin and hair have never looked better. any tips?

    and thank you for always updating your blog, best beauty and lifestyle blog period

    • How sweet, thank you! Well, in this video I have clip-in extensions so it’s not all my hair πŸ˜› But I’ve been using pure argan oil on my skin lately, it’s been working wonders for my dry skin!

  • dalia says:

    your hair looks amazing and natural too.

    BTW i love your make up, can you a video .. it would be great πŸ™‚

  • JackieK says:

    2 questions!

    1-Did you do your own hair coloring? if so what products/colors do you use? cause your hair color is so pretty!

    2- Do you ever use facial tanning products? I cant find one i really like. i have light olive skin too.


  • Ashley says:

    Gorg! def going to try these out! I have similar hair color and skin tone to you..What color is your blush and lip gloss?

  • Julia says:

    Teni, I’ve just discovered Your blog & YouTube channel, so I’m so happy with it! You’are so beautiful! Like everything about Your hair & make up! I’m also a fan of Luxy Hair Extentions, wanna have the same hair as You πŸ™‚ So adorable! Thank You for chance to participate in this giveaway! Have a good day & greetings from Russia πŸ™‚

  • zainab says:

    You have amazing skills, and your natural beauty is something which is quite rare, You probably get this alot from people, but seriously, makeup or no makeup, u have really stunning features. God Bless You

  • Steph says:

    Hi Teni. Thiis look si owesome, love it! And u’re so gorgeous !!! I’d like to Know if u used the same 1inch curling iron as un your previous video (cause it seems bigger than all the 1inch i saw on internet). And do u Know where i can find it,cause i live un France and all us website like target and others don’t ship worldwide and i can’t find conair on french websites. I really Love this look and would like to recrΓ©ante it with my luxyhair extensions for my best friend weeding so i’m desperate not to find it !!!
    Thanks very much for your help and keep doing tutorial, you’re so great !

  • Steph says:

    Sorry for the mistakes, i haven’t seen them before i post my message. it’s my french corrector which didn’t recognise the words and changed them. Sorry :s πŸ™‚

  • Liana says:

    Do u recommend these extensions or milani extensions?

  • Nevena says:

    Teni, could you please tell me what blush did you use? It’s amazing ! Thank you !

  • BrookLaffer says:

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