I’m truly a stickler for a good eyeliner pencil. I rarely use them, and that’s mostly because the formulas aren’t creamy enough. The skin around your eyes is so much more sensitive and thin than the rest of your face, so the last thing I want to do is pull and tug on the skin trying to get a dry liner on! I just got my hands on theBalm’s new pencils, Mr. Write (Now), in all eight gorgeous shades… And now begins one of very few eyeliner reviews I’ve ever done!

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Hello, friends! First off I want to welcome you back to You may have noticed I took a little break during the holidays just to get some rest. I extended my break into January because I also wanted to update the look of my blog, so I hope you like it! This is me officially signing back on.

Now, on to the fun stuff!

By now you must know I am totally in love with the LORAC Alter Ego Lipsticks. These are just the most beautifully pigmented matte lipstick shades, and despite being a matte formula my lips never get dry. It’s really the most unique lip formula I’ve used! LORAC has just come out with a gift set, which you can find at Kohl’s, featuring a sleek new gold packaging. The gift set includes five of their best selling shades, and three of my personal favorites happen to be in it! (That would be Duchess, CEO, and my number one: Seductress.)

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As part of my second challenge with Target, my task was to choose on clothing item and one beauty item from Target and style them my way! I chose a simple, tailored black vest by Mossimo and stunning dark matte lip color from Revlon and put together a look that’s versatile for most occasions. Watch the video here!!

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If your schedule is anything like mine, you’re probably still scrambling to pick up some last minute gifts for Christmas! Not to worry, though: I’ve curated a list of beauty buys that are easy to get your hands on for a stress-free shopping experience that’ll leave your recipients happy!

EcoTools Full Volume Styler Brush

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Any chance I get to rave about this brush, I’ll take it! Personally, I’ve been using this brush to blow out my difficult mane for almost a year now. In fact, I’m going to stock up on a couple more just in case these ever stop getting made! Every woman with medium length to long hair needs this in her hairstyling arsenal, so why not gift it to the ladies in your life? At a modest $10.99, it’s great for anyone from a co-worker to your BFF.

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