If you follow me on social media you probably saw that I attended the premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron last week! I’ve been to several smaller premieres and screenings, but this was my first time attending a big premiere and I couldn’t have been more excited.

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Ahhh, it’s springtime. In LA the weather is warming up and I’m starting to notice people everywhere are spending more time outside! As we get closer to sunset I’m seeing my neighbors are out taking a stroll, walking their dogs, and I can smell that some are already firing up the barbecue. This is the life.

This is the time of year when being outdoors becomes the norm once again, which makes me exceptionally happy! I personally love taking my beach cruiser out for a ride, and just today I learned how to successfully ride on a longboard. (Not the one in the ocean— the skateboard!) This being my choice in lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that my personal style is quite simple and focused on comfort. More and more during the warmer months you’ll see me putting my sexy heels away and opting for more functional footwear, swapping my chic designer sunglasses for my classic wayfarers.

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I’ve had my eye on so many different fringe pieces lately… Bags, jackets, and even shoes. And it’s no wonder I’ve got fringe on the brain: It was very popular on the spring 2015 runway! So as a recent fringe magnet, I’ve been collecting a few fringe pieces for my closet.

Last  year I shared a pair of fringe booties from Carmen Steffens, and just last week I showed you some new pieces I’d recently acquired including a fringe cross body bag by Rebecca Minkoff, but this next fringe piece tops them all: The Exclusive for Intermix Fringe Leather Skirt. The minute I laid eyes on this skirt I just could not look away! It’s about as unique a design as I’ve seen in pretty much any skirt, and the way the fringe moves when you walk is just stunning. That’s when it looks its best is when I’m walking and you see the fringe swinging about… It’s definitely something to see! I don’t believe I’ve ever been so enamored with a clothing item and it’s all due to the movement.

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I’ve added a few new pieces to my closet for spring that I thought I’d share with you all! My favorite thing about the season is that I get to be more creative than, say, in the winter or the summer. It’s such a transition season and it’s not all about the pastels and florals; there’s so much more room to play! So I’ve been picking out pieces that I’ll be using to jazz up my spring wardrobe.

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I remember browsing through social media a few months ago and spotting possibly the coolest pair of shoes I’d ever seen. I did some sniffing around and discovered these gorgeous pumps with the large bow detail at the ankle were made by Aminah Abdul Jillil so, naturally, I hopped onto the website and prepared to shop!

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