Every now and then we have the pleasure of experiencing moments that make us realize how truly sweet life can be. Last night was full of those moments.

To make a long and serendipitously beautiful story short, my friend Lilit (you’ll know her as MakeupByLilit on Instagram and from her makeup studio in Studio City) got together with Viola of Project Sweet Stuff and made some serious magic. The two had a vision of bringing  like-minded women together to celebrate the sweet life and share what it is that the sweet life means to us. That vision turned into an unforgettable night of memories and lessons I will cherish!

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Every now and then I go through a slump when it comes to inspiration: I could have a million things to write about, but if I’m not inspired, there’s no use in trying. I’ve been dragging my feet through this slump when it finally occurred to me: My space sucks.

My desk is typically cluttered with paper, there’s nothing pretty to look at while I work, and the space is altogether boring. It wasn’t until I received some of the most gorgeous office decor from Rachel George that the light bulb went off in my head to revamp my workspace. I loved these pieces so much I actually built an entire space around them!

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As you can see I’m revamping! I’m still working on adjusting and completing the final layout, so be sure to come back in a couple days when it’s all done. Thanks so much for visiting, beauties!!


Of course I bring all my beauty tips to, but I also have my personal blog at! I’m much more casual with my blog and update it with news about my personal life as well as acting appearances. In the last year I hadn’t updated it much because I had a lot of technical issues with it, but I’ve revamped the whole layout and now I’m ready to get back to blogging!! Be sure to bookmark and visit often for updates.