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When you put Burke Williams, Eventbrite LA, and Spaphile together, you get one hell of a spa night out! Last night I visited the Burke Williams Spa in West Hollywood to enjoy some good food, drinks, and a much-needed pamper session. There were hand massage stations, manicures, environmentally-friendly cocktails (What?! I know. More on that!) and of course I had a chance to enjoy one of their superb massages, which was the absolute perfect ending to a hectic week. And guests got to try out a selection of skincare products available at Burke Williams, so it was an altogether lovely evening of pampering co-hosted by EventbriteLA and Spaphile… Oh, and there was fresh vegetarian fare to enjoy so this was definitely the perfect night for me!! If you haven’t visited a Burke Williams Spa, take the time to pay them a visit; I was so impressed with their facility and will definitely return!

If you were following my tweets last night, you know I am now obsessed with a drink called OM Cocktails. It’s an all-organic drink with the vodka already in the cocktail mix. And for every OM Cocktail that’s purchased, a tree is planted! Organic vodka that’s good for the environment… I’ll drink to that.

Be sure to check out Eventbrite (@BriteLA) to find more fun events all over the country, and sign up for Spaphile (@Spaphile) to get exclusive deals at spas and salons in your area!

Of course I bring all my beauty tips to, but I also have my personal blog at! I’m much more casual with my blog and update it with news about my personal life as well as acting appearances. In the last year I hadn’t updated it much because I had a lot of technical issues with it, but I’ve revamped the whole layout and now I’m ready to get back to blogging!! Be sure to bookmark and visit often for updates.


I had the pleasure of getting together with Paul Kalemkiarian, President of the Wine of the Month Club, to chat a bit about all things wine. Now, it goes without saying that Paul is an expert; his family has been in the wine business for 40 years, having founded the original Wine of the Month Club. Which means he gets to taste hundreds of different wines every month. (You’re jealous, I know.) So I figured this was a great opportunity to ask some questions about some of the basics of wine, as well as some tips for how to enjoy them at our own private wine parties. Because if I know my ladies, we love getting together and talking over a bottle— make that bottles— of wine!

Be sure to check out Wine of the Month Club and join! There are a variety of memberships available, and you can find them here.


Let me jump straight to the moral of this story: Never forget how important your girlfriends are.

Last week a few friends and I enjoyed a big-girl slumber party, complete with nail painting, cupcake baking, wig-wearing, laughing, crying, and, of course, reckless dancing and singalongs. Sure, we’re in our 20′s and we all have shit to do. But having this sleepover was a much-needed reminder of just how important friendship is, most especially for women. Let’s face it: We give up a lot to be adults. Balancing careers and relationships, and eventually marriage and children, (for those who choose to go that route, that is) sometimes we end up losing so much of ourselves as we wear our many hats. But making an effort to keep strong bonds with our girlfriends is an essential part of staying mentally and emotionally healthy in this crazy life. And besides that, it’s nice to just do fun stuff every now and then! So grab your girlfriends, some junk food and nail polish, and maybe your favorite movie and a bottle of bubbly, and remember what it is to be girls again.

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