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sigma-thumbPhoto credit: Sigma Beauty

Every time Sigma announces a new launch I’m giddy with excitement because I know it’s bound to be another hit! This one is particularly exciting because it’s something they haven’t done before: Sigma is launching a brand new line of gel eyeliners called the Standout Eyes Gel Liner Collection.

I just got my hands on these six colors and the two new brushes specifically made for ninja liner application. The colors range from a cool gray to a striking teal, but what I appreciate about these shades is that they’re not so bright and off-the-wall that they’re no longer wearable. The colors are deep and extremely rich in pigment, so practically every color will suite any look and any taste.



When it comes to foundation or any sort of base, I’ve pretty much tried everything: The good, the bad, and the ‘why do they even make this stuff?’

The trouble with a lot of these products that claim to make your skin look perfect in one way or another is that they’re gimmicky. All these different technologies and ‘patent-pending’ breakthroughs sound great, but do they really work? It’s been my experience that the vast majority do not, but out of those dozens you’re likely to find one or two that do.

Recently I discovered a product that I had pretty much blacklisted as a total gimmick and not worth trying, ever. You remember seeing those ads for the white cream that ‘adjusts’ to your complexion? And do you recall trying that product only to find that it not only doesn’t match your complexion but all of a sudden you have this pink cast over your face?


After being certain I’d never try a product like that again, I happened upon a product by Cargo called the Picture Perfect CC Cream. The claim, again, was that the cream comes out white, but once it touches your skin it adjusts to your unique color. Was I hesitant? Yes. But I’d always had such a great experience with Cargo products that I figured it was worth a shot. I was at the GenBeauty Cargo booth when I discovered the product and the Cargo rep said it was going to blow my mind… And it did.



There’s no better time to rock a bronze glow than summer. We’re more tan, we’re wearing clothes that reveal our shoulders and décolleté… It’s the perfect time to bring out the sun goddess in us! I don’t normally go for a high-shine highlight; usually I keep it more subtle with just a hint of a glow at my cheekbones. But today I needed my bronze fix so I created a look that’s super glowy but took it easy on the eye makeup.


Read My Lips by theBalm

Lip gloss is one thing I just can’t seem to have enough of. The perfect nude, the perfect pink… The search never ends! Luckily I’ve added a few new favorites to my lip gloss collection thanks to theBalm‘s latest release, Read My Lips! This self-proclaimed ‘smart-mouthed’ lip gloss (packed with ginseng, by the way) comes in 11 gorgeous shades, some opaque and some sheer. If you’re into rich, luxe lip gloss shades, these are for you! I’ve already picked my favorites (Bam! and Snap!… Duh. You know I was going to go for the nude and the pink!) but the darker, more rich shades are to die for if you’re into a more dramatic lip.


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