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Skincare is paramount in my book: If your skin doesn’t look good, chances are your makeup isn’t going to look good either. It’s important to take the extra time at bedtime and during your morning routine ensure clean and conditioned skin! But, of course, the products you use will make all the difference. I just posted a skincare routine video on my YouTube channel, but I’m including some supplemental information here to really cover all the details of why and how I use each product.

Murad Clarifying Cleanser
The one and only acne cleanser I’ve ever approved of for my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin and give it that super squeaky clean feel; it leaves my skin feeling supple and refreshed without stripping it. I always get this (good) tingling feeling after I cleanse with this stuff, too. It’s got calming agents like green tea extract, and it’s just an altogether solid cleanser.



A good tan is a necessity in the summer months. Admittedly, I’m not great about maintaining a tan on my face: I’ve been wearing sunblock on my face pretty much every day for the last 10 years! But of course in the warmer months sun-kissed skin is a must-have. And while minimal sun exposure isn’t bad (in fact, it’s actually good for you) the amount you need to achieve a solid tan definitely is.

So here’s the deal: I’m naturally a light/medium olive. I don’t burn, so I don’t wear sunblock on my body unless I’m somewhere close to the equator. I wear sunblock on my face and my neck, so they tend to be lighter than the rest of my body. So I’m pretty much always looking for a good sunless tanning product that’s going to give me good color that’s even and not too intense since it’s going on my face. Lucky for me while I was at BeautyCon NYC, I went over to the Tarte booth and they showed me a new product for tanning and one that I hadn’t discovered until that day, and both quickly became my favorite tanning products!



It’s summertime, so it’s the perfect time to chat about smooth legs! I did a fun project with Gillette Venus for the launch of their new (and genius, might I add) product: The Venus Snap. If you’re like me there’s a good chance you’ve been using Venus for years, but now it comes in a mini form, complete with a carrying pod, for your on-the-go touch ups. I even take it with me when I travel!



I always look forward to spring because it’s a time to strip down and simplify. It’s all about fresh, dewy, and fun! I’ve been putting away my boots and oversized sweaters and bringing out my white denim and wedge heels. Similarly, I tucked away my matte makeup and lined up my favorite cream formula makeup: In the spring and summer I like my skin to look dewy and my makeup to look sheer. That means BB and CC creams, chubby color pencils for cheeks and lips, cream blush, and liquid highlighters. Anything to brighten up my face! And the best part about my spring makeup regimen is that it’s much more simplified; I can apply most everything with my hands for an even more natural finish and I’m done in just a few minutes. 

My go-to’s lately have been a very simple selection of high quality favorites from all ends of the cost spectrum. 


I’m always on the lookout for a good BB or CC cream; a few years ago I was such a fan of tinted moisturizers, but now that they’ve combined the sheer quality of a tinted moisturizer with the benefits of a skincare product, I can’t get enough of BB’s and CC’s. My latest discovery is the Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting Moisturizer aka CC cream: It’s got a dual chamber that deposits both the sheer color and the skin-perfecting element in one pump. (I got the medium/dark shade. With a very sheer formula I like to go a bit darker with the color selection.) To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect from a drugstore item since I’m very picky with my skin products, but the results were truly amazing! One sheer coat and all of a sudden the minor imperfections of my face seemed to be airbrushed away. And not only that, it gave my skin a youthful, healthy glow that just made me light up. I now reach for the Olay CC Cream every single day!! If I’m in a hurry I’ll just apply with my fingers, but if I want a super smooth, extra dewy finish, I use my EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush to apply. I love this brush for practically any cream formula so I’ll be using it a lot this season!

Another favorite in my springtime beauty arsenal is the Time Balm concealer by theBalm. I’ve always loved this concealer but most especially for the spring and summer because it covers well but the finish is practically undetectable. I use this anti-wrinkle concealer only under my eyes and I almost always just apply with my fingers, patting it into my skin to blend away. And speaking of under eyes, I’ve got another favorite from Olay: The Eye Brightening CC Cream. It’s a genius combination of a brightening eye cream with a bit of correcting color. Every time I apply this tinted eye cream my entire eye area instantly brightens up! I prefer not to wear concealer every single day, so it’s a nice substitute and it even goes well under the concealer. 


That’s it for my must-have basics this spring. Of course color is huge in the springtime so stay tuned for my favorite color cosmetic picks!


Here I am wearing just the eye cream!


And here I am wearing the Tone Correcting CC Cream.

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