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smoky-eyeA smoky eye isn’t in my usual beauty routine. I very rarely reach for my 4 different blending brushes to make a smoky look like this happen! But It had been a while since I’d ventured into dramatic territory so I figured I was due for an updated smoky eye makeup tutorial. This time I kept the lids glimmering in gold and focused most of the intensity on the bottom lash line for an extra smoky look.


IMG_0456This has been a highly requested video for some time, and I’m glad to finally share it with you! Arab or Middle Eastern makeup is among the most beautiful makeup styles in the world; it’s dramatic, striking, and beautiful. My version, though quite dramatic, is still a more subdued version of a true Arab-inspired makeup look. But all the necessary components are there: A pop of color, exaggerated liner, and smoky, smoky, smoky!!

The key to a look like this is, of course, blending. I used a series of neutral shades as a base, beginning with the lightest and working up to the darkest, and that makes blending much easier as opposed to going straight to a dark shade. It’s easy to be intimidated by a look like this at first sight, but if you follow along step-by-step you’ll find it’s not so bad!




NOTE: I realize ‘Arabic’ makeup isn’t necessarily the correct wording, but it’s how everyone searches for this type of makeup look. So please understand I know Arabic is a language, not a style! Thank you.

I’m so thrilled to finally post this video!! I knew I wanted to do the makeup tutorial for Beyonce’s look in her “Mine” video as soon as I saw it a few weeks ago, but I had to go all out for this look. It just didn’t feel right to do an ordinary tutorial, I wanted to create an experience that was very much like the actual video itself. And the eye makeup is so stunning, this is one of my favorite videos thus far! Check out the teaser and, of course, go to my YouTube channel to see the entire tutorial.

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