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When you put Burke Williams, Eventbrite LA, and Spaphile together, you get one hell of a spa night out! Last night I visited the Burke Williams Spa in West Hollywood to enjoy some good food, drinks, and a much-needed pamper session. There were hand massage stations, manicures, environmentally-friendly cocktails (What?! I know. More on that!) and of course I had a chance to enjoy one of their superb massages, which was the absolute perfect ending to a hectic week. And guests got to try out a selection of skincare products available at Burke Williams, so it was an altogether lovely evening of pampering co-hosted by EventbriteLA and Spaphile… Oh, and there was fresh vegetarian fare to enjoy so this was definitely the perfect night for me!! If you haven’t visited a Burke Williams Spa, take the time to pay them a visit; I was so impressed with their facility and will definitely return!

If you were following my tweets last night, you know I am now obsessed with a drink called OM Cocktails. It’s an all-organic drink with the vodka already in the cocktail mix. And for every OM Cocktail that’s purchased, a tree is planted! Organic vodka that’s good for the environment… I’ll drink to that.

Be sure to check out Eventbrite (@BriteLA) to find more fun events all over the country, and sign up for Spaphile (@Spaphile) to get exclusive deals at spas and salons in your area!


You might remember my post about using hydrogen peroxide to fight blemishes. Now, I’ve got another excellent use for this household antiseptic: It whitens teeth!! Safely, that is. I know the name is a little off-putting, (“hydrogen peroxide” doesn’t exactly sound like something you should put in your mouth) but the stuff you pick up at the drugstore comes in 3% form, making it safe to use orally.

Here’s how to use it: Mix two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part water and swish around in your mouth for about 30 seconds (or if you think your gums can handle it, take it straight). Spit it out and proceed to brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste. That’s pretty much all there is to it!! Don’t be alarmed, though: Once in your mouth, the hydrogen peroxide will begin to foam up. Don’t freak out!

Repeat this every day and you should start to see whiter teeth in about a week. Depending on your teeth you may experience gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, so if either of these occur, discontinue use.

Here’s another great perk of using hydrogen peroxide orally: It helps kill the germs that cause sore throats.

And did I mention it costs about a buck at drugstores?? Winning.



Some days just get so busy that I can’t even enjoy a peaceful— and more importantly, nutritious— breakfast. By now we all know how important that first meal of the day is, so skipping it is not an option! But our schedules can get the best of us, so sometimes a leisurely breakfast isn’t an option, either. For the on-to-go girls like me, here’s a solution: Starbucks oatmeal. Of course, I prefer steel cut oatmeal with fresh berries, but that also takes about 30 minutes to prepare. This way, I can roll through Starbucks on my way out, and for three bucks, they put together your oatmeal right there at the register… No waiting! (Unless you’re getting a drink, that is.) Yes, it’s instant oatmeal style, but it comes with nuts, dried cranberries and black currants, and brown sugar. So for a quick (and portable) breakfast, I love this option for my most hectic days. Get your fiber and protein and start your busy day off right!!


I’ve always been a big fan of coconut. Coconut oil, coconut-scented lotions and candles, coconut candy… You name it, I love it. I recently came across a recipe for a coconut and kale smoothie and, since I’m very much into juicing and getting my fruits and veggies via tasty liquified blends, I knew I had to try it! And where did this recipe come from, you ask?? I traced it back to Naturewell, a “wellness bar” you could only find in Los Angeles, ha. Take a look through their menu and head over to Silverlake to try them out!

If you don’t normally consume kale, I urge you to start!! It’s a dark leafy green vegetable, so already we know it’s going to be super healthy. And kale packs a ton of Vitamin K, which helps keep your defenses up against cancer, as well as a ton of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and fiber.

So enjoy this healthy green smoothie for breakfast or just as a snack throughout the summer. To your health!

Coconut Kale Smoothie

1 frozen banana
2 to 3 kale leaves (including the stalks)
1 cup of coconut milk (or Coconut Dream)
6 ice cubes
2 pinches of cinnamon
a few drops of honey for sweetness (optional)


1. Blend.

2. Enjoy!!

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