Ah, the holidays. We’re in the thick of the most festive, fun, and arguably most busy time of year! Company parties, family gatherings, in-laws, friends, events… And the holidays naturally tend to be a time when we step outside the ‘everyday’ box and venture out into more bold makeup looks to keep with the festive vibe. Luckily, Clinique’s newest eyeshadow palettes is all about options: The Unwrapped Indulge in Color Eye Palette is one way you can create different looks for different events this holiday season from just one palette.

When I opened the palette I was immediately drawn to the harmony of the colors; the deep shimmering aubergine, bold matte charcoal, and rich bronze/copper blend, among others, immediately got my mind thinking up different eye makeup looks. Each color is so pigmented that you can use just one shade over your lids for a pop of color, or blend a few together for a softer result.

I came up with two of my own looks with the Unwrapped Indulge in Color Eye Palette that could work for the most minimalist gal to the most glam babe. Each is still soft and wearable but still provide two distinct looks.

Look 1

Winged liner using eyeshadow

I love creating a winged liner shape using eyeshadow because it’s not as bold as using something like a liquid eyeliner, but still gives that beautiful shape.

Step 1. Begin by applying the pale pink eyeshadow in the palette all over your lids to give it a uniform matte color.

Step 2. Taking the shimmery gray/purple shade, start right at your lash line and map out the shape of a winged liner. This softer color will provide the blue print for the darker color I apply next.

Step 3: Taking that deep charcoal shadow, go over the wing and just intensify the color. Cover less are with this darker shade to maintain that soft almost ‘faded’ look.

Step 4: To clean up the edges and create a nice sharp wing, take a pointed cotton swab and clean up the outer edge of the liner.

Look 2

Soft smoky eye

A romantic smoky eye look is classic and perfect for the holidays. A look like this will kick up the drama for any holiday party!

Step 1. Begin by applying the shimmery pewter shade all over your lids up to your crease.

Step 2. Taking the deep purple shade, apply it only to your crease, from inner corner to outer corner.

Step 3. To add extra definition, take the matte charcoal shadow and concentrate this color just at the outer corners of your lids.

Step 4. Take the shimmery copper eyeshadow and apply this just to the center of your lids.

Step 5. Finally, apply the shimmery pewter shade to your bottom lash line as well for an extra smoky look.

FTC: This review and demo was made in partnership with Clinique and

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Love the smokey purple eye makeup … So demure and alluring look for the holidays. 🙂
    Merry Christmas.

  • Spence says:

    Ahhh! Absolutely love both of these looks! The smokey eye is perfect for day time; subtle, yet sexy 🙂

  • Beautiful looks and gorgeous photos, Teni!
    Such a stunner

    Love from Indonesia,

  • ymorbeauty says:

    I need to try that eyeshadow wing look!

  • That’s a pretty shade.

  • ShaJane says:

    Wow! the Soft smoky eye look is awesome. I will try this.

  • I loved the look. Beautiful as always!

  • Oh i love the winged eyeliner with eye shadow!!
    What a great idea. I am terrible at applying it with a liner, this seems so much more forgiving!

  • Maya Montri says:

    so stunning! I love the eyeliner

  • linda jae says:

    u look suave!

    loved your makeup especially those smoky eyes and level of detail

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