If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ll have noticed that I rarely do anything that’s over-the-top dramatic. Even my dramatic looks tend to be minimalist and soft! What can I say? I’m a fan of the earthy, natural look and almost every makeup look I create is inspired by just that. Here I’ve got a smoky look that I blended out quite a bit for that less-polished look.


On my lids, I used the Nude Tude Palette by theBalm (loving this right now!): I started with Seductive all over my lids, then I applied Sophisticated to the outer half of my lids, extending up over the crease. Finally, to add a touch more drama to the look, I pressed Serious into just the outer corners of my lids, including the crease. Here comes my favorite part: First I took a clean blending brush and used it to blend these colors together, then I took a Sigma Eyeshadow in Topaz (which is the best blending color ever) and used it to blend up past the crease to eliminate any harsh lines.

Next, I took my Sigma Extended Wear Eye Liners in Boost and Balance: First I applied Boost to the waterline and the inner rim of my top lash line, then I drew a (messy) line across my bottom lash line. Then I took Balance and applied it to my bottom lash line, just below where I applied Boost (I’m using a slightly lighter pencil over the black pencil for blending purposes). I used my Sigma E21 brush to blend both liners, creating a smoky look across my lower lash line. I’m loving the Sigma Extended Wear Eye Liners; they’re so creamy and easy to apply, it makes blending a breeze!!

To finish off the eyes I used my Eyeko Black Magic Mascara, and filled in my brows using the IT Cosmetics Your Brows But Better pencil.

And here’s a quick product breakdown of what I have on the rest of my face: Heir Atelier Ultimate Makeup Prep (review on this product coming soon; I’m obsessed!), Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, theBalm Betty LouManizer, theBalm Instain blush in Swiss Dot, and just a touch of the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Make Your Move.

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • Rachel says:

    Teni – I love that you can show us that less can be more in an earthy & beautiful way ! Huge fan !!!

  • Lara says:

    Video please, I’m obsessed!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi Teni,

    Love the entire look, you can never go wrong with a natural look, yet a bit drama on the outer corners of the eye.

    My question to you is, my skin tone is more fair than yours, and I’m afraid if I were to colour my brows, they would look too harsh on my face. Do you recommend the IT brow pencil for me?



    • Yes I love the IT Cosmetics brow pencil because it’s a universal color. I notice when I put just a little bit on and don’t press very hard, it shows up lighter, and then if I color in a bit more it goes on darker. So this one is a good pick! If you’re more comfortable with powders, though, Anastasia Beverly Hills has a wide range of brow powder colors to choose from.


    Really? That sounds awesome Teni… Thank you!,,Do you mind putting the link for it? I live in Canada, so im not sure if the ship here.

    Thanks again

    P.S hope you had a wonderful birthday !

  • Mariana says:

    I love this Teni! Please do a tutorial on this look!!!

  • Jen Stone says:


  • Nic says:

    Can we see a video?? Or more pics please! So we can see where you placed the color.


    Thanks doll!!

  • Mariela says:

    Teni, how would you compare the Nude’Tude theBalm palette with the Urban Decay Naked palette?

    • hmmm, not so much. Urban Decay Naked is more bronze/plums, whereas the Nude Tude is more neutrals and brighter tones. I tend to create much more natural looks with Nude Tude and more dramatic looks with the Naked palette.

      • Mariela says:

        Thanks so much for the quick reply! You are amazing!
        I have one more question: if you had both theBalm palletes: Nude’Titude and Matte Nude which one is more versatile?
        I have the UD Naked Basics palette and I like it a lot but I would like more variety, I love my UD naked palette but I am with you that is better for more dramatic looks…..
        which one of theBalm palettes makes more sense to buy??

        • I love the Matte palette, but I think the more versatile one is the Nude Tude because you get a variety of slightly shimmery shades as well as matte shades, including a very important super black shadow which I love!

  • Thalia says:

    I love this look! It’s so different from other smoky eyes I’ve seen that usually just use black. I’m also not a fan of crazy over-the-top makeup but I am definitely using your tips to get a more natural look ๐Ÿ™‚ I was wondering if you used fake lashes and if so what brand? Thanks!

  • Sandra says:

    Hey Teni! I love your non-dramatic no eyeliner looks but I love your super dramatic looks too like the smokey eye you did using the Lorac Pro palette and the Blue smokey eye look you filmed. You can definitely pull of dramatic looks also!

    Can you do a diet/health fitness video/vlog soon!? I think that would be so helpful and inspiring because you look great and are so gorgeous! Plus I know you mentioned you lost 20 pounds since college so it would be really nice to hear your story.

  • Antoterese says:

    Thanks for the post! You look stunning., I love this look!
    What kind of camera and lens do you use?

  • Gabby says:

    Which foundation would you choose between the Armani Luminous silk and Chanel mat lumiere (or any other chanel) as an everyday foundation. ( I’m looking to splurge ! )

    • good for you!! We all need a nice splurge every now and then ๐Ÿ˜› I do like the Armani Luminous Silk very much, but I’ve also come to like the Chanel Vitalumier Aqua. It really depends on your skin type: If you’re dry, and you’re looking for a natural but flawless finis, try Chanel Vitalumier. If you’re dry and want a supernatural finish more suitable for nighttime or more heavy looks, go for Giorgio Armani. And if you’re on the oily side, the Chanel matte ๐Ÿ™‚ Also consider your complexion; one brand might have better color options for you than the other!

  • Gabby says:

    Which foundation would you choose between the Armani Luminous silk and Chanel mat lumiere (or any other chanel) as an everyday foundation. ( Iโ€™m looking to splurge ! )

  • Margarita says:

    fist able Teni, I think you are so beautiful. I have the same eyes and shape. I love this look but I was wondering if you are going to make a video of it. I am from Colombia and is better when I watch it that when I read, so I can recreated better. Can you please show us on youtube?? Its been a while since you last video ๐Ÿ™‚ Greetings from Colombia

  • Maria V says:

    Hi Teni!
    I recently discovered your youtube channel and I love it! I do have one question, What shade are you in the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation?

  • Maria Joรฃo says:

    I love this look, let me tell you that tha makeup is sexy and beautiful at the same time, but you are also very preatty ๐Ÿ™‚ do you have any type of video or tuturial about this look?

  • Afia says:

    I really wanted to know what shade of Giorgio Armani are you Hun I use the 123 in make up forever and that’s a Peter match for myself.

  • Afia says:

    I would be so grateful if your could get back to me pleasseee ๐Ÿ™‚

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