Lately I’ve been on a mission to get my hair back to optimal health. I’ve always liked my hair lighter, it just brightens up my face and makes me look more friendly. But the fact is that I was born with extra dark, almost-black hair; and coupled with the fact that my hair is dry, coarse, and frizzy, it makes lightening practically a death sentence for my mane! So I decided to just embrace my dark locks and get on the road to recovery. I thought the journey getting my hair from brittle and broken to healthy and manageable would be a long and tough one, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Kérastase Discipline line fell into my hands at just the right moment. I’ve always been a fan of Kerastase for its powerful restorative qualities, but I wasn’t prepared for the results I got with Discipline: The products claim to smooth hair and make it extremely soft, which is what many shampoo and conditioning products promise. But after trying Discipline, I personally have never seen such a transformation in my hair in just a few uses. I’ve been using the Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo and the Maskeratine, and before I blow dry I spray with the Spray Fluidissime. Considering what a powerful combination these turned out to be, I’m shocked at how weightless they are. The Discipline products don’t tout moisture as part of their arsenal, but my hair has never felt so soft and hydrated. If your hair is dry and frizzy, and especially if you’ve unsuccessfully tried other products to tame your mane, Discipline might very well be for you.

I don’t make hair recommendations very often, most especially when it comes to those that claim to have reparative properties. This is mainly because most of these products, from my experience, haven’t worked very well! But in my small collection of haircare favorites you’ll definitely find the Kerastase Discipline trio… I can honestly say my hair has never been this soft and shiny!

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • I’m really excited to try the Mask and the Fluidissime Spray. I love all the Kérastase hair products I’ve tried so far, especially the Nectar Thermique which I use as a heat protectant before styling my hair. The Oléo-Relax line is also really good for unruly hair, but “Discipline” sounds really interesting 🙂

    Dolce Kisses ♥


  • Ani says:

    Teni I have recently tried these products as well on my over processed, dry ,frizzy hard to manage hair and it has worked wonders! I lighten my hair as well with balayage highlights and recently had it done with olapex..caused no breakage and left my hair feeling so soft..if you want to go back to lightening your hair you should ask your salon if they offer that service 🙂

  • Ymor Beauty says:

    I had to deal with damage from ombre and I found Redken products brought my hair back to life, but now I’m stuck with dry hair so I’m going to check this out!

  • Yep, big Kérastase fan here as well! I’m using the Densifique line now.

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