It’s almost fall, which means it’s time to put away the sheer and bright and bring back the deep and dramatic! As we transition into the cooler months, here are some tips for how to fall into fall using my favorite EcoTools brushes.

Neutral Eyes


Neutral eye shadows are great because you can wear browns, taupes, and champagnes on their own or pair them with a strong liner. Either way, the warmer colors are the perfect theme for autumn. From the EcoTools Starter Set, you can actually use the concealer brush as an eyeshadow brush to lay down a base color all over your lids. (I usually prefer something along the lines of vanilla or champagne just up to the crease.) Using the eye shading brush, you can begin adding a neutral brown to your crease as your transition color, then with the same brush you can grab a deeper brown or even black and add it to just the outer corners of your lids and crease. With neutral shades, it’s a no-fuss process: As long as you’re blending the colors well, there’s not a whole lot of technique necessary… Just the right tools! Next, if you wanted to add some liner, you can use a gel or cream eyeliner and apply with the angled liner brush that comes in the Starter Set as well. Pop on some mascara and voila! you’re done.

Standout Liner


Nobody said eyeliner had to be just black, brown, or navy. Why not play with metallics?! Lately I’ve been loving a nice ombre bronze winged liner; it just really catches the light nicely and it gives your eyes a sultry but still subdued look. All you need for this look is the angled liner brush from the Starter Kit: First, apply your bronze gel liner from the inner corner to the outer corner, then take a brown gel liner and start creating an ombre effect. For this you’ll need to define the outer corner of the wing first with a nice opaque brown line, then start fading the line inward so that it    blends with the bronze, creating a nice gradient. This is one of the most eye catching looks for the fall!

Purple, Plum, Pink


This color scheme is huge for fall. And everyone seems to love a nice, warm purple smoky eye look! To achieve this, just add the Eye Enhancing Duo Set to your Starter Kit: These two brushes really offer four brushes since they’re double-ended, and each brush tackles a different need. You’ve got the short dense brush which is perfect for packing on the darker shades, you have your blending brush which is essential for any smoky eye look, (you must blend after each and every step!) and you also have your standard shader and an angled liner brush. The shader is best for applying your transition color (in this case, a medium shade like a dusty rose to build on) as well as darker shades if you’re going for a more intense smoky look. With the angled liner side, you can both draw your liner on your top lash line and create a smoky effect on your bottom lash line with a little eye shadow.

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • Hanni says:

    Teni!! I really really really need your help!!! I know you have a lot of knowledge when it comes to skincare and I would be so happy if you could answer me on this. I get huge inverted pimples (under the skin) on my chin, sometimes you don’t see them because they are under the skin and not on the surface but they hurt so so bad 🙁 I don’t know why this happens. Overall I have nice skin it’s just the problem on my chin that makes me crazy. I am not overweight I am 167 cm and 50 kg and I try not to touch my chin but it doesn’t help. Do you have any idea what this is and how to get rid of it? I am on the verge of breaking down this is so frustrated 🙁

    • Hi Hanni! I heart Teni too! I am not sure if she has the answer to your question but I have some insight for you. I am a licensed esthetician based out of New York City, in case you need to know where my information is coming from. Many times nodules or cystic pimples arrive from hormone fluctuations. Androgen which is a male hormone, is the main cause of these cysts. It causes your oil glands to become hyperactive thus causing unsightly and painful pimples and cysts. The pain and swelling is a sign of inflammation. A few things you can do… Starting from the inside out is to start drinking lemon in your water daily, this will help flush out toxins from your liver and begin to clear up your skin. Secondly, eat fresh whole foods which help ease the inflammation, pain and swelling. Chemicals in any packaged foods trigger and raise androgen levels in your body causing acne and painful cysts. (I’m writing a book on diet and your skin.) On a topical level, be sure to avoid heavy creams in that area of your face, wash twice daily with a salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide face wash, (benzoyl peroxide is an oxygen based chemical that kills bacteria that may inflame the pimple/cyst), use a benzoyl peroxide topical cream at night every other day to treat the cyst and kill any p. bacteria.

      Be gentle, kind and patient with your skin. It’s an organ like any other and needs time to heal!

      I hope this helps, and best to you.

      • Hanni says:

        Ohh I’m soo happy that you took the time to help me out!! I am so greatful you can’t even imagine! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will definitely try everything you said! It’s really hard to have these cysts, I just want them to go away for good 🙁 but do you know if you can be reasured if it’s hormonal or not? Like doing a test at the hospital or something? Thank you again! It’s not often a stranger give you such a detailed answer! Wish you all the best xo

        • Hanni says:

          And also, can you recommend any specific products that you think can help? Thank you best Jessica :))

        • You can ask a dermatologist if they test for androgen levels but quite frankly I am not sure they do. I do know that you can see an Endocrinologist (hormone doctor) for hormone level tests.

          I would start with the lemon water daily, and some fresh fruits and vegetables, as I said before chemicals in food cause androgen levels to rise. As far as products, I would try an affordable option like Neutrogena.


          They have great options with all of the treatment ingredients I listed before.

          Best of luck to you.

          Jessica Rodriguez

  • Three stunning looks, you are out of this world gorgeous.

  • Nicola says:

    Can’t decide which look I love best. I’m leaning towards the purple shadow one… Sooo beautiful, how do you use purple without looking sick?! Argh!

  • Kelly says:

    Please tell me what lipstick you are wearing in the neutral, first look?? You are so pretty!!

  • Jasmin says:

    Purple is my ultimate favorite color, hence I love the purple smoky eye look most 🙂 BTW, natural looking lips are the most important fact for me while wearing makeup. Usually, I put soft makeup and currently my lipstick is L’oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour that I bought from trend-labs.com 🙂

  • I heart all the looks. You are just gorgeous!

  • Nani says:

    I love, love, love your purple smoky eye look! It looks so glamourous.


  • AAfrin says:

    I am new to ur blog and YouTube channel n i must say love ur makeup tutorials…:) One request can u please do a tutorial on winged eyeliner i know it is a really lame request but i have this problem at the end of my eyes…it is something like i got some really small wrinkles ( i guess ) at the end of my eyes n that is y i dun no how to apply a proper wing…lol btw um just 21…please help..!

  • Madina says:

    ohh aren’t you just gorgeous! I will try to recreate the purple one ^^,

    xx Maddie

  • Jen Ruhman says:

    gorgeous, i love this look! flawless

  • Heather says:

    Could you tell me what lipstick you used in the last picture?

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