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Finding the right shade of foundation seems to be an incredibly difficult and frustrating task. And why?? It’s the one product that goes all over your face and is therefore one of the most important elements to your look. Personally, I’m always on the hunt for different foundations that’ll suit my warm, ashy/olive complexion. (Which is pretty much the toughest to match.) And of course you start to discover that different brands tend to cater better to specific complexions; one of the few product lines that I’ve seen do a solid job of covering the entire complexion spectrum, including warms and cools, is L’Oreal’s True Match collection. 

Whether you’re looking for a liquid or powder, L’Oreal True Match has a huge selection of foundation, powder, blush, and concealer, among other makeup must-haves. And what’s more L’Oreal has a section completely dedicated to finding your own true match, see it here. If you find yourself not sure of what shades are right for you, the True Match section has everything you need to zero in on your unique match for both tone and undertone.

D-Miss Maven-Nude Face

D-Miss Maven-Bold Eye

My shade is the W4.5 Fresh Beige in the True Match Super Blendable Makeup, which is my absolute favorite product in the whole collection! It rivals some of the most expensive and high quality foundations on the market for a drugstore price. It’s a nice medium to full coverage foundation that blends seamlessly into my skin for a truly flawless finish. And considering how incredibly unique my complexion is, that’s no easy task.

Find your match here, and if you want the complete look without having to think too much about it, all the True Match products are coordinated by shade, so for example, my concealer, powder, and blush would also be somewhere in the W4 and W5 range. Doesn’t get easier than that!!

Here’s a mix of more of my “true matches”!

D_Miss Maven_Collage

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  • Regina Reed says:

    That scent – my fave. I’ve never seen anyone else mention it! It’s so beautiful!

  • Alyson says:

    We’re the same shade, Teni! It’s my favorite drugstore foundation ever and the shade is pretty close to my MUFE HD in 153.


  • Carolyn says:

    I love the red lipstick on you in the first photo. What lipstick is that color?

  • Wow, those eyes are beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for posting a review on these awesome products. I really love knowing what others think about makeup before I purchase it myself.

  • Sandra says:

    I love this foundation too. It covers everything is not so heavy like other drugstore foundations and its easy blendable.

  • I need that red lipstick and those lashes you paired with it! Gorgeous 🙂


  • Jennifer Espinoza says:

    I absolutely love your second look! What makeup did you use? It’s very light for a day look and perfect to wear for the work week :). I work with children on the spectrum and I’m constantly running around and my makeup never seems to stay. Would you be able to do a similar makeup tutorial for this look?

  • chelsea says:

    hi, absolutely love your blog. have you done a makeup tutorial of the red lipped look? LOVE IT! x

  • Violet Wyatt says:

    this is a good product, great tips also 🙂

  • Beauty skin says:

    Love your second photo,you look so beautiful,could you plz do a tutorial on how to get such lighting look.Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  • nba 2k16 vc says:

    Passion the website– extremely user pleasant and lots to see!

  • Whiter skin says:

    Wow you look great. That light reflecting in your eyes is gorgeous.

  • Bri says:

    We are the same shade! It is so great to see someone with a very unique skin color like mine ! It’s been so hard to find a good foundation that matches and is “yellow/golden” enough . Love your blog!

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