You may have already heard of the temporary lip tattoo craze: Violent Lips has introduced a fun trend in lipwear (and a new word, apparently) to the shelves of Sephora stores, using appliqués to dress lips in one of their several pretty patterns. Whether it’s glitter, polka dots, or an animal print that makes you pucker up, these easy-to-use kits are much like the temporary tattoos we used to play with as kids: Apply using water to seal the tattoo, and remove using baby oil or a makeup remover oil.

This stuff’ll stay on for 4-8 hours, and they’re vitamin enriched. No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, and, according to, they’re “certified vegan, and tested on supermodels, not animals.” Very nice! And although the glitter patterns sparkle like crazy, you won’t feel the grainy texture on your lips; all patterns are completely smooth to the touch.

At $15 per kit (3 appliqués in each), this is definitely worth a try. Whether you’re headed to a Lady Gaga concert or just wanna make a statement on a night out, paint your pout with Violent Lips!

Check out Violent Lips at, or look through their entire collection at

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