One of my dearest friends (and NBA dancer) had a fun photo shoot with photographer            Ian Elston last week. The look was beach sexy… Just look at this stunning photo!! I did her makeup using a technique I learned from Andrew Velazquez, National Make-Up Artist at Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is a great way to use a blue eyeshadow without looking obnoxious; instead, you get a super sultry look that’s incredibly easy to achieve!! Here’s what you need from the Anastasia Beverly Hills line:

Illumin8 Eye Shadow Palette #5

Highlighting Creme Duo in St. Tropez

Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes

Lash Lifting Mascara


Here are the steps to achieve this look (see the step-by-step photo for guidance!):

First, apply shade 1 from eye shadow palette #5 from brow to lash, covering your entire lid.

Then, wet your brush and dip it into shade 2 and stipple it on to your lid from lash up to the crease (alternately, you can use shade 4 for a more dramatic look). You can take a little bit of shade 3 and blend it into your crease.

Next— and here’s where the technique comes in!— hold a tissue up to the outer corner of your eye to make a line almost connecting the outer corner of your eye to the end of your brow. Take a smaller, more concentrated brush and apply shade 5 to the outer part of your crease and the end of your lash line (make sure to use a good amount of shade 5 in this step). Then take a bigger fluffy brush and, starting at the outermost part of your lid, blend it in toward the inner part of your eye, concentrating on the crease. This way, you’ll have a “fade” effect where the color is strongest on the outermost part of your lid then fades and blends into a softer shade.

Take a liner brush, wet it, and use shade 5 again to line your top lashes. For the shoot, I used a black gel liner to intensify the look on the top and bottom lash lines, as well as the inner rim of both her top and bottom lids. Lastly, finish off with the Lash Lifting Mascara.

Finally, I used the Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes to give her eyebrows a more bold and precise shape, and finished off with a little blush and highlighter using Anastasia’s Highlighting Creme Duo in St. Tropez.




Teni Panosian

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  • Lindsey says:

    Miss Maven, you are incredibly talented! I love this look (as do I, the gorgeous model!) so much. Thank you for explaining and illustrating the application technique so thoroughly; I can’t wait to attempt!

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