Let me jump straight to the moral of this story: Never forget how important your girlfriends are.

Last week a few friends and I enjoyed a big-girl slumber party, complete with nail painting, cupcake baking, wig-wearing, laughing, crying, and, of course, reckless dancing and singalongs. Sure, we’re in our 20’s and we all have shit to do. But having this sleepover was a much-needed reminder of just how important friendship is, most especially for women. Let’s face it: We give up a lot to be adults. Balancing careers and relationships, and eventually marriage and children, (for those who choose to go that route, that is) sometimes we end up losing so much of ourselves as we wear our many hats. But making an effort to keep strong bonds with our girlfriends is an essential part of staying mentally and emotionally healthy in this crazy life. And besides that, it’s nice to just do fun stuff every now and then! So grab your girlfriends, some junk food and nail polish, and maybe your favorite movie and a bottle of bubbly, and remember what it is to be girls again.

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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    So I’m sitting in NH at our ski cabin and I just saw this… ahhh miss you 🙂

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