The last thing you wanna do in the summer is layer on a bunch of foundation, concealer, or powder. It’s just not comfortable when the temps are up in the 80’s and 90’s. Summer is all about looking fresh-faced and dewy, and the key is to start with clear, glowing, healthy skin.
I don’t use vitamin C on my skin all year round, but as we get closer to the summer months, I get right back into the regimen. Last year I was using Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum Collagen Booster and I absolutely loved it! I don’t have very many skincare staples, but this is one that I’ll likely go back to from time to time. The consistency is a more liquid-gel kind of serum that absorbed really nicely into my skin. After applying before bedtime, I’d wake up every morning to brighter, glowing skin. It’s really amazing what this stuff did for my skin! It’s got 10% Vitamin C (pretty high-potency) but still lightweight enough for even the most sensitive skin. As with all of Ole Henriksen’s products, (one of my fave skincare lines!) this is formulated without all the synthetic stuff that’s bad for your skin.


I would have picked up the Truth Serum again this year, but I was curious to know how Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate wouldย do compared to the Ole Henriksen serum. The Kiehl’s serum is 10.5% Vitamin C, and claims to produce better results than retinol! (If you haven’t tried retinol, it’s an extremely effective ingredient for smoothing, resurfacing, and line erasing, but it’s also not an option for a lot of people because it leaves your skin super, super sensitive. A lot of people simply can’t handle retinol.) I had to know if this was true, especially since out of 31 reviews, 97% of reviewers gave this serum a nearly perfect score. I’ve been using it for a little over a week now, and I’m happy so far! The texture of my skin is noticeably smoother, which is a great sign. The consistency of this serum is more satin-y and thicker than the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, so it’s just a tad heavier. I’m interested to see if it actually helps with some of the fine lines I have… I should see the difference in about 5 more weeks! In the meanwhile, I’m happy with the overall brightness and smoothness of my skin, so I give this product my stamp of approval!


Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • Brooke says:

    Great article! I didn’t realize vitamin C was so great for the skin! After trying out both the Kiehl’s vitamin C serum and the truth serum which one would you say is the best? I figure I’ll buy the better one lol

    • I have to say the truth serum is definitely better. Especially if you steam your face (or use a hot towel) and then put it on directly after… It just brightens up your complexion and makes your bare skin glow! I also like the consistency of the truth serum better than the Kiehl’s Vitamin C serum.

  • Mel Magdalena says:

    Another amazing Vitamin C product if you don’t want to opt for a serum is the Vitamin C Booster Powder, I believe its by Philosophy. That stuff is incredible! It transformed my skin and it helped me fade my acne scars! You just mix it into your moisturiser.

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