To celebrity hairstylist Gary Madatyan, the owner of Boom-Boom & Beyond, the posh new full-service salon in Beverly Hills, presentation is everything. He kept that belief at the forefront of his mind when creating his brand new salon. He wanted the space to reflect his persona of an always evolving man. In his business he not only keeps up with change but he creates it. His hopes for his salon are for it to be a place that clients can come to and always have a new exciting experience with the latest in hair design and color.

Boom-Boom & Beyond is decorated in sleek black and white, the stark contrast is set off by modern furniture pieces and gorgeous chandelier lighting. Bright bunches of fresh flowers add pops of color to the atmosphere. When selecting the salons name, Gary drew inspiration and paid homage to his good friend’s hit song.ย  Gary’s good friend Emmy, an international singer from Armenia, recorded a song by the name “Boom Boom,” he enjoyed the song so much that he named the salon after it.

As a celebrity stylist, Gary has always had a passion of creating masterpieces. It started at the very young age of 13 when he was doing hair for an Armenian television station. With the influence of women in his life, such as his mother and sisters, he developed a soft spot for charity work benefitting women. Due to this strong influence he plans to become involved in helping women’s shelters in Los Angeles offering his services for women rejoining the workforce.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out the grand opening of Boom-Boom & Beyond in Beverly Hills today!

9909 S. Santa Monica Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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