Just in time for the holidays, Maybelline has a couple of limited edition goodies to share! Dress your fingertips in two of their newest sensations: The Fashion Prints Nail Stickers and Sequins by Color Show collections.

In the past, I’ve had a two big issues with both sticker nail art and glittery nail polish: The stickers are always difficult to apply, and glittery polishes take up to 5 coats to actually show up!! But I’m pleased to say that the Fashion Prints Nail Stickers are easy-as-can-be to apply and the Sequins by Color Show polish takes just two coats for a perfectly jazzy set of blinged out nails!

The stickers come prepared to apply on one sheet, and they peel off very easily so that the edges don’t get messed up when you go to apply. It took no time at all to get them on my nails and the excess filed off. (Each package comes with a cuticle stick and a nail file.) The print I have on is called Sapphire Jewels, but you can also choose from these sassy shades:


The Sequins by Color Show polish not only delivered a dazzling dose of sparkle to my nails, but it dried in no time. And I still can’t get over the fact that it only took two coats to achieve the maximum sequin effect! The color I’m wearing is called Sea-Quin.

Maybelline’s Fashion Prints Nail Stickers and Sequins by Color Show are limited edition collections available for the month of November! Head to your nearest retailer for your fix, and visit for more.


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