If there’s one thing I complain about it’s my dry hair. Between bleaching and the heat styling it endures, my ends are just maxed out.

A little while ago I came across a product from Planet Beauty called Ava Haircare Protective Oil Treatment. I’ve tried other oil treatments… Many, many oil treatments. But this one in particular was interesting because it’s natural, sulfate-paraben free, and it’s cruelty free so of course I’m willing to give it a shot! So here’s how I used it: Before washing my hair, I applied the oil to my hair, concentrating on the ends, and just clipped it into a bun for about an hour. This stuff isn’t doesn’t have a runny texture like most hair oils; it’s actually very thick and almost sticky. I even wondered how it would wash out of my hair, but I proceeded with the hour wait before I took my hair down to wash it.

What happened stunned me: I touched my hair and there was barely a trace of the oil! And I didn’t apply lightly, either, I saturated my ends. So it appeared my hair had absorbed the oil. Excited to see the results, I hopped in the shower and washed (and conditioned) my hair. I then blow dried my way to the softest hair I’d felt in years!! I was stunned at just how well the Ava Haircare Protective Oil Treatment had conditioned my hair. And as thick and sticky as it feels, it’s actually very gentle in the way it works.

On the bottle it says you can also use it as a styling aid by applying to wet hair and then blow drying. This also helps but you have to be very careful about how much you use: Too much, and you’ll end up with a greasy looking mane.

I use this treatment once a week and my hair keeps getting better and better! Visit Planet Beauty to pick up a bottle of this terrific treatment… It’s good for all hair types!


Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • faryanna says:

    I take ur words luv! Regarding eyebrow bleach using iolen,i left for longer than u did,bt 5 mins my brows are still pitch black would be helpful if u can demo on this as well 🙂

  • Pmich says:

    eye brow bleach? i could so use that!! 🙂 what brand/? thanks!

  • faryanna says:

    well its said to use 1/4 of the activator with 1/2 of the cream, is that how you mix?you use the spatula provided to apply or mascara wand?

    • I use equal parts of each tube, so 1/2 and 1/2. Try that… I use the spatula, too.

      • faryanna says:

        WIll try out again tonite, hope I don’t end with albino eyebrows with brunette hair 😛
        AS for your hair care, try this french hair line called Phyto,they’re amazing!Ive been living in Paris for the past 4 yrs, living in hard water supply, their shampoo’s are amazing and they even have miraculous oil and supplements for hair!:)

  • Monique says:

    thank you for the recommendation, I love hair oil, specially argan oil, I use the one from pro naturals and leaves my hair soft and healthy. 😀

  • Maddy says:

    Good call! I LOVEEE this stuff! I just bought one from Planet Beauty. After bleaching my black hair blonde, years of hair-extension damage, and flat-iron-split-ends, I finally have non-frizzy healthy hair! This stuff is MAGIC! BTW, They also have a new shampoo and conditioner.. I’ll let you know how that works!

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