… For several reasons. The first being that this is one of the few times I’ve seen an Olsen look pretty and polished (they’ve been known to take the boho chic look to extremes). But there’s such a harmony about this look… Let’s start with the makeup: At first, a colorful smokey eye sounds kind of obnoxious and over the top, but in this case, it’s done just right. Everything else is completely subdued— slightly bronzed cheeks, a muted mouth, and relaxed waves— with the focus kept on those captivating copper eyes. It’s not a difficult look to achieve, either. All you need is the copper eye shadow, a neutral blending color, and some black liner and mascara. If you’re really into dramatic eyes but don’t want to go for all that heavy black liner and shadow this summer, this is a great alternative! You can use any color, too, but this copper just steals the show!!

I also love this look because of the color coordination. Normally I think matching clothing and makeup colors is super tacky, but it totally works here!! And the green trim on the top matches her eyes… It’s subtle but incredibly fascinating. In my opinion, the ‘matching’ works here because of the neutral base in the eyeshadow (a blue top and blue shadow, for example, would probably not work), and the top also looks to have a nude-colored layer under all that coral.

Simply gorgeous! I’m definitely trying this look for my next night out.

Teni Panosian

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