At, we’re committed to social responsibility. Lip gloss and handbags are awesome, we should enjoy them fully! But I think our readers would agree that there are more important things in the world to be concerned with. From environmental issues to human rights, it’s important for us to remain informed and find ways to help!

Nowadays, many brands are pairing their products with a cause… Something they’re passionate about. So we’ve decided to highlight these companies and bring more awareness to both their products and their cause!

Our inaugural featured company is one that combines environmentally-conscious clothing with animal advocacy. LVR is a contemporary active wear line that uses eco-friendly (or ‘green’) fabrics, and all of their pieces are designed and produced in Los Angeles, CA. My favorite thing about LVR? The fabrics are incredibly soft! I find any excuse to wear my LVR Organic Straight Leg Yoga Pants… So comfy!! Check out their yoga pants, tops, dresses, outerwear, and scarves for some of the most comfortable and stylish threads you’ll find.

LVR has also partnered with an animal rescue organization in Guatemala, and donates a significant portion of proceeds to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife. In addition, LVR is also involved in giving back to local animal organizations. As it says in their mission statement, “Our goal is not only to create stylish high-quality active wear, but to be 100% green and give back to our world.”

Take a look at the video below where founder Eric Clarke tells us a bit about LVR!

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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