I’m pretty partial to matte eyeshadows; you can create much more sophisticated looks with matte shades. TheBalm just sent me some of their goodies (cannot wait to share them… I’ve found some favorites in this bunch!) and one of them is a nude matte eyeshadow palette, cleverly named “Meet Matt(e).” This nude edition packs every neutral shade you’ll needβ€” here’s a breakdown of each Matt:


Matt Johnson – A gorgeous charcoal-slate shade. Mixed with the blush shadow, it turns into a beautiful purplish color. Great for creating depth!

Matt Garcia – This is a reddish brown, it’s a shadow color that I don’t see very often. Pair this with Matt Wood for a warm smokey eye.

Matt Malloy – I loved that they gave this color an Irish name; it’s perfect for this super pale shade. It’s a pretty basic white with just the slightest yellow undertone.

Matt Rosen – This beautiful chestnut shade is perfect for blending. If you want a really natural look, pop this into your crease for just a little depth, keeping the color very neutral.

Matt Wood – Another appropriate name. This color reminds me so much of cherry wood! It’s a very deep brown shade with a hint of maroon.

Matt Singh – This one is probably my favorite color in the palette. I’ve even tried it as a blush and it’s gorgeous!! Sweep this all over your lids and just add some mascara for a fresh, natural look.

Matt Abdul – A lavender gray. Another great shade for blending.

Matt Lombardi – I love this color!! It reminds me of butter.

Matt Hung – If mauve and slate had a baby, it would be Matt Hung. If you’re looking for a shade of gray with a little warmth to it, this is it!



Teni Panosian

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  • Jen Stone says:

    This is adorable! I think I dated 1 or 3 of those Matts…:)

  • Stephanie says:

    Wondering if you could do a tutorial using this palette? I own it as well, and love it. Would love to see a look you come up with using it.

  • Cleo says:

    Hi I’m getting addicted to your tutorials , you are very simple yet elegant , elaborate instructions and not fussy πŸ™‚ , n very pretty too . You kinda look like Elizabeth hurly :)) , .. I was wondering if you could make a make up tutorial that can survive very hot weather , ( like in 104 f kinda weather ) in Cairo here it’s melting hot , I give up make up all toghther n stick only to sunblock , but in case of work meetings and stuff I need to look nice and put some color on , only it doesn’t last more than hour and it melts esp on my oily skin πŸ™‚ can you give some tips on that πŸ™‚ thanks a lot n keep up the good work
    Love from Egypt πŸ™‚

  • fashionmix says:

    i want to try out this pallete

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