Mmmm, mm! I sit here entirely too excited to write up this post. But who wouldn’t be when the topic is chocolate?!

If you’ve been following my YouTube channel, you likely know that the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is my absolute favorite. I’ve been using it for a very long time and haven’t strayed from it simply because it’s the perfect matte bronzer. It has just the right tone and it’s velvety soft to blend. But, of course, we come in all different shades, and though the Chocolate Soleil is a nice color for most complexions, it’s definitely not 100% suitable for all.

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Just wanted to pop in and say Happy International Women’s Day! We live our day to day sometimes overlooking the fact that we take on so much in this life; so many sacrifices, so many challenges, and each time we come out stronger than before. To my readers, I wish you all the success you work so hard for. Being a woman isn’t easy, especially if you’re one who dreams big. (I hope that’s each and every one of you!) But for all that we endure, we also get to experience some of life’s most beautiful gifts.

I salute you, ladies!



I’ve added a few new pieces to my closet for spring that I thought I’d share with you all! My favorite thing about the season is that I get to be more creative than, say, in the winter or the summer. It’s such a transition season and it’s not all about the pastels and florals; there’s so much more room to play! So I’ve been picking out pieces that I’ll be using to jazz up my spring wardrobe.

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If there’s one thing I love about Too Faced (but, really, there are about a hundred things I love about Too Faced!) it’s their ability to create some of the most incredible lip products on the market! I’ve been so hooked on their Melted line lately that I’ve completely been missing out on their entire selection of the La Creme Color Drenched Lipsticks! So I decided to sit down with all 21 colors and have a little swatch party.

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