You may have seen some posts on Instagram of a fun project I recently did with TRESemmé in NYC. I’m happy to say you can now see what we’ve come up with!! This was a fresh new idea from the Tresemme team and once I heard it, I was so excited to be on board. A lot of you ask me for more hair tutorials, and for me, my favorite hair tutorials are the easy ones because I’m always short on time! We did two videos, both of which are interactive, where I create different hairstyles based on what you, the user, pick! Choose my outfits, accessories, activities, and hairstyles as I get ready… Have a look and you’ll see what I mean!


D-Miss Maven-Red Lip

Finding the right shade of foundation seems to be an incredibly difficult and frustrating task. And why?? It’s the one product that goes all over your face and is therefore one of the most important elements to your look. Personally, I’m always on the hunt for different foundations that’ll suit my warm, ashy/olive complexion. (Which is pretty much the toughest to match.) And of course you start to discover that different brands tend to cater better to specific complexions; one of the few product lines that I’ve seen do a solid job of covering the entire complexion spectrum, including warms and cools, is L’Oreal’s True Match collection. 


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