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Last weekend I attended a lovely tea party at the home of Anastasia Soare (if you know me, you know Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my favorite product lines!) and the party had a colorful theme. Guests were encouraged to show up in colorful outfits, hair, and makeup, so I added a pop of purple and blue to my look!

I really wanted to add a bit of vibrant color to my hair so I bought a couple of purple clip-in extensions (human hair) from my local beauty store. I clipped them in just above my ears so they’d just peek out through my natural hair, and I ended up loving them! So much so that I’m wearing them today. I’m not usually into colorful hair, but these tiny clip-in pieces give just the slightest pop of color without any commitment! I picked up a couple more but this time in a more conservative color: Light brown! Because of auditions and other work commitments, I can’t just put random streaks through my hair, so clip-ins are a great option for someone like me. Or if you have a conservative job, you can clip them in over the weekend and have a little fun! Best of all, it means no damage to your natural hair; you can play around with as many colors as you want.

Try out this look for the summer! Just grab two clip-in pieces of your choice, clip them in to your hair just above your ears, and enjoy a pop of color as your hair moves. Be sure to get human hair, though, so you can curl and straighten them as you please!

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  • lovely says:

    hi miss teni! i left a comment on one of your post (LIPSTICK PALETTE).
    hope you will reply! thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sona says:

    Hi Teni, could you please tell me where is your dress from? Its so nice!

  • bianca says:

    Anastasia romanian woman !!:X:X:

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