I discovered SOJOURN haircare just a few months ago, and since then I’ve become addicted to the beauty brand. I had a second opportunity to learn more about their products, including a new one (which I’m already obsessed with! Scroll down to the bottom to see it), at DNA Salon in Los Angeles, CA. Check out our clip from that evening! I ran into Christina from and Anna from, and we all enjoyed a nice evening of blow drys!

Co-founder Elan Sassoon explained to me how important education is to their team; the minds behind SOJOURN really go the extra mile to get the message out about their products’ positive properties. If you’re not familiar with the brand yet, SOJOURN is rooted in the fundamental (yet often overlooked) idea that a natural pH level is the key to healthy hair (healthy anything, really). I chatted some more with Elan who, being the son of Vidal Sassoon, has been in the hair industry for a long time:

Teni: What is the philosophy of Sojourn? What does Sojourn believe in?

Elan: Sojourn means journey, and we basically started this journey about 18 months ago. We’ve been traveling and visiting about 1,500 salons in the last year, really getting the message out. We started it for two reasons, I’ve been in the salon industry for a very long time, I used to run Louis Vuitton salons, and one of the things I was really upset about was the quality of some of the products out there, and the quality in education. So the first thing we tackled was the education, and I brought in Melissa Stone, who was the first female creative director for Vidal Sasoon in the US, she’s amazing. And she put together a team of 14 ex-Sasoon artist directors, and so we bring hands-on education to salons all around the country. So that’s the number one thing we do, education. And then we brought in this amazing guy from Canada, Rob Guimond

Teni: Love this guy!!

Elan: Incredible chemist! And one of the things I always said was that ladies come into our salons, spend two-three hundred dollars on color, and a lot of times they’d come back saying my hair is brassy, my color faded, why so quickly…

Teni: … I know we’ve all had that problem at one point or another. Frustrating.

Elan: So one of the things we realized was that the levels of pH back in the day were always at the natural level, which is 4.5 to 5.5. So whenever you’d leave the salon in the 80’s your cuticle was closed, your color was protected, and when you went home, it stayed protected. Well now, because it’s more cost effective, a lot of product companies make their products with a higher pH level because you can make it for $6 instead of $12, so you cut your costs in half. It literally takes the color right out of the hair after you’ve just paid money to put the color in the hair. So that was a big thing for us, having that quality of the product.

Teni: I’ve always been curious: Whether you have fine, straight hair or curly, frizzy hair like mine is naturally, should you be using different products for different hair types?

Elan: We believe it’s just a matter of finding the right pH. There were never— and again, my chemist likes to reference the 70’s and 80’s there weren’t fine hair products, curly hair products… There were just great products. Your hair is made of keratin protein, and that’s what we’re adding back to the hair with our products, and really keeping it in that natural range of pH. Rob tells this great pH story: It used to be on every bottle if you looked on every bottle it was 4.5 to 5.5 pH, and the segue was when the larger companies got involved in the hair industry, and when they did, it was just, “how do we cut our costs in half??” This was the greatest marketing segue ever. They took the pH level off of every bottle and then put on every bottle: “pH balanced.”

Teni: Which means… nothing.

Elan: Which means nothing! But people still, today, have it so engrained in their minds, they still say ‘pH balanced.’ So I find that really interesting.

Teni: So a lot of these companies are cutting their costs and using less expensive ingredients, and it’s actually doing more damage to your hair. Is that true that it does more damage than any good to your hair?

Elan: Well… I don’t like to comment on other companies but it’s possible.

Teni: He’s being nice! He doesn’t want to talk trash, but it’s true!


SOJOURN has added yet another star product to their collection: The Firm Hold Working Spray. I spoke with chemist Rob Guimond and he explained that he added the keratin cashmere that’s in their other products into the hairspray as well. Now, I don’t know any other hairspray that contains keratin cashmere… Do you? I have to say, up until this point I’ve been an avid fan of L’Oreal’s Elnet Hairspray, but SOJOURN’s Firm Hold Working Spray knocked it off the top spot! It simply does what it says: Medium hold without the heavy residue of your average hairspray. It’s incredibly lightweight, it almost feels like a finishing spray or a glossing mist; my hair is actually shinier after use! It’s got sunscreen as well, and I’ve been able to brush my hair out every single time. I also happened to browse the ingredients and noticed fruit and seed oils, another healthy property. Firm, flexible hold and good for your hair… Can’t ask for more! Find your nearest SOJOURN salon and get your hands on this hairspray!

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