If you’re in Chicago, Miami, or New York, you might already be enjoying the LastMinute Deals feature on Pretty self-explanatory: Hop onto LastMinute Deals to find a facial, massage, lash extensions, and more at up to 80% off the regular price… But you’ll be booking for that very same day or the next day! Many times these spots may not fill all of their appointments, and in that case, the services end up on LastMinute Deals at a discounted rate. Awesome, huh?

Now, my spa-obsessed ladies in Los Angeles can enjoy this service, too. SpaFinder Wellness Last Minute has just launched in LA! I just went on to check what services they had available today, and there’s an 80-minute deep tissue massage available at 12p today (3 hours from now!) discounted from $115 to $79. There’s also an appointment available for a microdermabrasion facial today discounted from $125 to $85. You may not even be planning to get a spa service done, but once you start browsing the selection it’s reaaaallly tempting!

I love this service because it seems like a no-stress way to get discounted rates for spa services. Instead of having to buy coupons that are only valid for a certain time period, you just search for the service you’re looking for that day and pay only for that. And unlike coupon deals, you’re not having to compete with other people who bought that same deal. And, personally, nothing perks up my day like a last minute decision to drop everything and get a massage!

Check out Last Minute to see what you can find and how much you can save.


Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • Shelly says:

    Hi Teni. This is really random but I love your blog and layout I was wondering what website or blog site you are using?
    I hope that makes sense

    • I use the WordPress platform, and I customized the layout myself. There are tons of templates you can choose from directly from WordPress!

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