Thanks to Savanna N. for a great question about protecting hair from chlorine damage! Shield your strands with the following tips.

Summer is slowly approaching, and many of us are transitioning into beach mode. (couldn’t come soon enough, if you ask me!) But while it’s fun to lounge around in our swimsuits and lay out for countless hours under the sun (you knew this was coming: Don’t forget your sunblock!!), these warm-weather activities can take a toll on our tresses. Whether you’re in the pool for exercise, out surfing in Malibu, or hitting up Tao Beach in Vegas wayyyy too much, you’re going to need some strand security. The culprits? The sun’s rays and the harmful chlorine.

If you’re noticing residue in your hair from chlorine, you’ll definitely need a shampoo that’ll safely remove the chemicals without stripping your hair (some of these clarifying shampoos are so harsh, they leave your hair super dry and brittle). Paul Mitchell makes a great cleanser called Shampoo Three that contains an ingredient specifically formulated to remove chlorine from hair. This will also remove any other minerals (hard water, anyone?) and product buildup. The product description itself says that it helps prevent “chlorine green” for swimmers.

If you’re opting for a more natural product, try Aubrey OrganicsSwimmer’s Normalizing Shampoo for Active Lifestyles. This one doesn’t contain the 16-letter-long chemical ingredients; instead, it uses organic corn syrup, citric acid, and organic shea butter and aloe vera to both remove all the chlorine and buildup and restore moisture.

There’s a fantastic product by Frederic Fekkai called Summer Hair Sunshine Shield Spray, which provides UV protection, color preservation, and moisture replenishment. The spray protects color-treated hair from changing color, which is especially important for blonds: The sun can and will lighten your highlights, so if you don’t want that to happen, protect your hair! Don’t forget that your scalp needs protection, too. If you’re in an unusually warm climate, make sure you use sunscreen (probably a spray, not a cream) on your scalp where it’s exposed.

My personal favorite hair tip for when you’re at the beach or by the pool is to rub a bit of conditioner into your hair before you head out. Your hair can get really dry from the heat and chlorine, so the conditioner, although it’ll wash out once you hit the water, will provide at least a little protection from brittle strands!

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  • Savanna says:

    Thank you so much! I tried the Paul Mitchell Shampoo 3 after my last swim, and it left my hair completely free of chlorine smell and stickiness. In fact, I think it’s actually helping to reverse some of the damage somehow. My curls were curlier this week than they’ve been in a while (they’re really sensitive about water type). Thank you Miss Maven!

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