I’m the toughest critic when it comes to hair products: I have thick, coarse, frizzy hair and there are very few product lines that are agreeable to my mane. That said, here’s one that I’m diggin’ right now: BANGSTYLE. I call this the underground hair care, given the edgy packaging and overall culture of the brand, and the fact that it’s a very under-the-radar line. You won’t see it in beauty supply stores or Target… It’s one of hair care’s best kept secrets.

I had a chance to try the BANGSTYLE Smoothing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner, very appropriate for my hard-to-tame tresses. The first thing I noticed was the lovely scent… We all like for our hair to smell nice, no? And not like a floral kinda nice; it smells nice in the way the products at the salon do when you’re getting your hair done. The shampoo itself had a very creamy texture, but lathered up like nobody’s business. (Not that that’s any indication of how good a shampoo is.) My hair was free of tangles when I rinsed, which is always a good sign for me, so I proceeded to condition.

Again, same great scent. Fast forward to blow dry time! After I blew my hair straight with a paddle brush, I saw a noticeable difference in the texture: My hair still had its same weight but it felt super sleek and smooth. So much so that I didn’t even need to go over it with my flat iron like usual. And here’s my complaint with other “smoothing” shampoos: They weigh hair down so much. I didn’t get that at all with the BANGSTYLE smoothing set. It’s lightweight but still gets the job done!

As an added bonus, I also got to try the BANGSTYLE Volumizing Mousse, which pretty much blew my mind. On a different occasion, I used a curling iron to throw some big waves into my hair and followed with the Volumizing Mousse. (Again, smells amazing. They’ve really got this scent thing down.) I worked a small amount through my hair and scrunched the ends with it, looked in the mirror, and almost gasped: Chaka Kahn couldn’t even compete with the volume I had going! I gave it a couple minutes to settle, and for the rest of the night I had nearly double the amount of volume I usually get with just hairspray. I’m very impressed with this mousse; even though I had massive volume, my hair was still soft and touchable. Score.


Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • jesse says:

    I had no idea they have a product line… I use their app for hair inspiration… I gotta get some!

  • Helene balalas says:

    This sounds something that u really need, where can I purchase?

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