You might remember my post about using hydrogen peroxide to fight blemishes. Now, I’ve got another excellent use for this household antiseptic: It whitens teeth!! Safely, that is. I know the name is a little off-putting, (“hydrogen peroxide” doesn’t exactly sound like something you should put in your mouth) but the stuff you pick up at the drugstore comes in 3% form, making it safe to use orally.

Here’s how to use it: Mix two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part water and swish around in your mouth for about 30 seconds (or if you think your gums can handle it, take it straight). Spit it out and proceed to brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste. That’s pretty much all there is to it!! Don’t be alarmed, though: Once in your mouth, the hydrogen peroxide will begin to foam up. Don’t freak out!

Repeat this every day and you should start to see whiter teeth in about a week. Depending on your teeth you may experience gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, so if either of these occur, discontinue use.

Here’s another great perk of using hydrogen peroxide orally: It helps kill the germs that cause sore throats.

And did I mention it costs about a buck at drugstores?? Winning.


Teni Panosian

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  • elena says:

    Actually, sprinkle baking soda on top of your whitening toothpaste. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide. Repeat weekly; and hello white pearls!

  • Kaleigh says:

    is more like it! I must admit, when I saw a link to Nickie Noel’s blog post for her “Patriot Pants“, I was expecting rumhtf-o-e-nill denim applique dislike. But when I took a peep, I was

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