Here comes a giveaway to top all giveaways! Courtesy of HaulerDeals, you have a chance to win a Valentino bag of your choice!

I’m going to be at the BH Cosmetics & Valentino party today celebrating this fabulous giveaway as well as the release of some brand new BH Cosmetics goodies! Of course I’ll have a video coming soon featuring the new BH products, complete with a 20% discount code for my lovelies! But for now, here’s how to enter the Valentino giveaway:

1. At the party today there will be a LIVE Spreecast video where you can chat with me and other gurus. RSVP here (it’s free, of course) for the live chat starting at 12pm PST.

2. Follow HaulerDeals on Instagram at @HaulerDeals

3. Comment on their Instagram photo (same as the one below!) and say something like, “Miss Maven sent me! I want the Valentino bag!”

That’s it! Please note this is a 48 hour giveaway and is open to US residents only. Good luck to all!

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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    Hi Teni,

    Hope your well… I can’t get over with these stupid comments ppl are making on YouTube about the video you just did! Unfortunately, for some reason it’s not letting me comment on yours or Sona’s page, or else I would of wrote my thoughts.
    It’s funny how these ppl have nothing better to do, and of course you can tell how old they really are.
    If they don’t like it, don’t bother looking at it or even leave a negative comment. I find it also very irritating how others posts on your page”please follow my YouTube channel? Come on…. How cheesy is that?
    What happened to ppl being nice these days… Umm hello !!!i would ignore them you are doing such an amazing job, that these ppl have no clue how difficult it is to put a video together that is sooo “professional” and you can tell you are a perfectionist in what you do… So what if you receive all these goodies, you have to be kind enough to share these products or other goodies!
    Anyways, I loved it , I think you are very classy and beautiful but most of all intelligent.
    For the rest of the haters, NO LIVES! I can’t deal with immaturity!

    Anyhow, I do have a question after all , lol… How do you put the eyeliner and smudge it on the bottom of the eye and make it look so perfect? Is it with a brush or by hand?
    Can you do a tutorial as your next, I read that a lot of your subscribers requested this!

    Many thx Teni



    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂 Unfortunately the negativity is something that just comes with the territory. And as much as I wish people would be more kind in their approach, I realize some people just don’t have it in them. I will continue to be kind and work hard, that’s all I can do. 🙂

      As for your question! Yes I will definitely do a video on how to smudge the lower lash line in the next 2 weeks, I think that would be a very useful tutorial! Thanks for the suggestion. xx


    P.S. I’m asking because I don’t want to purchase the Sigma eyeliners or that Lorac palette and not use them they way you do!



    You should continue, you are one talented pretty lady…. And besides what the haters say, just remember how many ppl love you… Yes, I’m talking about all of those thousands subscribers that you have!!!

    I’m sure a lot of subscribers just like myself look forward every week for a new tutorial!

    Be well


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