I’ve used a good handful of high end mascaras, and while the results have almost always been above average, (except for Dior Show… I don’t get the hype about this mascara. It’s crap!) it’s kind of a pain to have to fork over so much dough for something that runs out so quickly.

I began using drugstore mascaras, which were working out great for me, until a friend suggested I try Yves Saint Laurent’s Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara. She raved about it, swearing that her lashes looked like falsies with this magic wand, so I decided to give it a try.

Now, at $30, this is one pricey mascara… But after trying it for myself, I can say with every confidence that it’s well worth every penny!!! For one thing, the very first swipe gave my lashes the biggest pick-me-up they’ve ever had; they appeared twice as thick instantly. So I gave it another swipe, and this time they grew even more! Indeed, it looked as if I’d added 2 more rows of lashes in just two waves of a wand. So, length? check. Volume? double-check. But it gets better…

The formula in YSL’s Faux Cils mascara is unlike any other: You’ll first notice it smells like a skincare product, and it’s because it has conditioning elements that prevent your lashes from becoming rock hard like most other mascaras do. I can touch my lashes after the mascara has dried, and they’re still soft and flexible!

Usually when I try a mascara I’m happy with, there’s always the, “I like it a lot but…” statement, but with the Faux Cils mascara, I can’t think of one con among the many pro’s. If you don’t want to spend that kind of cash on a mascara, at least give it a shot once and experience it for yourself!

Teni Panosian

I'm Teni Panosian, a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Los Angeles.

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  • Molly, says:

    Thank you for this! Especially, the part about the diorshow! I used Diorshow on my wedding day (2 1/2 years ago) and it rocked! But, I recently bought again last month. I was honestly pissed at the decrease in quality. It sucks! I swear Christian Dior changed the formula since 2008. It is NOT the same mascara I used before. And at $24 for crap mascara, I felt entitled to a refund! I’ll take your suggestion and try the YSL the next time I treat myself! Can you get at sephora?

  • Mayda says:

    How would you compare this to Eyeko (your recent favorite)?

    • While I absolutely love this YSL mascara, since I’ve found Eyeko I’ve been much happier with it. The YSL is $30, Eyeko is $19. All Eyeko mascaras are water-resistant, but they still keep your lashes super soft and conditioned. And the Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara gives an even fuller and longer result. I still think the YSL faux cils mascara is fantastic, but Eyeko definitely trumps it 🙂

  • Gabrielle says:

    Thank you Teni! I am a mascara fien and literally have tried EVERY mascara, mainly high end! Totally agree with you on Dior show… crap! Excited to have found your blog! One Armenian woman to another, you are stunning! Check out our blog as well:

  • Nicole says:

    I’m glad you liked it as well. That was my favorite until i started using Lancôme Hypnose Drama. Now I want to switch back just because you reviewed it so well, hehe. I forgot to mention Too Face Lash Injections: you might like that too. It gives you super thick lashes. I think the only con is that flakes and smudges at the end of the day. Your reviews are very straight forward and love watching your YT channel. Keep doing your thing!

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